Thursday, October 14, 2010

Water ...

Agua. Vasser. Eau. Voda. Acqua. Vann. Aiga. Amanzi.

No matter how we say it, we all know it's one of the most important elements of our world today.

It's everywhere. It's the backdrop to so many things.

It's our lakes and ponds ...

Our rivers ...

Our beaches ...

Did you know that roughly 70% of your body is made up of water?

And that between 70-75% of the Earth's surface is covered with it?

Your average bathtub holds about 151 L of water.

Many fruits and vegetables are made up of 90% of water (by weight).

Less than 1% of the world's fresh water is readily available for immediate use.

Approximately 1 in every 8 people lacks access to safe water supplies.

8 glasses a day = do you get yours? Should you? Maybe more if you work out. How many people in the world get their full 8 glasses? Not nearly enough. What can you do to help?

Children's Safe Drinking Water has joined forces with PUR to help children of the world have clean and safe water to drink every day. Click here to find out how (by watching this cool interactive video) just ONE DOLLAR can give a child clean water for 50 days. Yes, FIFTY DAYS. You can't even buy a small cup of coffee for $1 anymore. But you can skip one stop at Starbucks (believe me, I'm as addicted as you are) and donate your treat to these kids. Skip for under two weeks and you could give a family clean water for an entire year. A whole year!

World Vision is an organization where a simple donation can help children and their families have fresh water, giving them health benefits we take for granted every time we turn on the faucet.

How can we clean up our water? Some tips from the National Resource Defense Council: 12 Simple Steps!

This post has been written in honor of Blog Action Day 2010. The topic, in case you can't tell, is water. To find out more, or to register your own blog and get a post up to participate, head on over to BlogActionDay.Change.Org and join the rest of the world in celebrating WATER AWARENESS. Recognize how important water is in your world, and take a moment to bring that to someone in need.

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  1. Great post! It's truly amazing how important water is in our world. It's in everything!

  2. I am so proud of you for using your blog as a platform to spread awareness!!
    I think we often take for granted the simplest things that we have access too. Thanks for reminding me that it is a blessing to have such a VALUABLE resource.

  3. WHat a wonderful topic to post about, Andrea. I have to check out these links in a bit. Thank you for sharing these resources and you are so right. I definitely take water for granted and I also don't drink as much of it as I should....

  4. Love this! Cleaning water is one of hte most important things we can do to prevent disease. Awesome post.


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