Friday, October 1, 2010

Shares a Spoon: Tortellini Casserole

The theme this week over at Share a Spoon with Think Tank Momma is pasta!

Think Tank Momma

If there was one thing (besides pizza) that I could eat every single day of my life pasta would be it. Seriously. I could live off of it. Oh, it's that good. I'm also probably on a living off of it kind of kick right now, as last night the child and I had ziti with butter for dinner and the night before we had something (I forget what - must have been chicken-related) with spaghetti and butter and parmesan cheese for dinner, as well. I probably ate mostly spaghetti. I'm good like that.

With the amount of pasta I could eat you'd think I am loading up on carbs to run a marathon put myself into a food coma or something.

Anyway, keeping in theme with my Lazy Mom Recipes, I am going the simple and Lazy Mom route to share MY spoon today.

Lazy Mom's Chicken Tortellini Casserole

* 10 oz grilled chicken strips (I made strips out of grilled chicken)

* 9 oz alfredo sauce (but today's recipe is using Vodka sauce, as we had no alfredo in the house)

* 1 bag frozen tortellini (or fresh, whatever works - and I use cheese, but you can switch it up if you want to)

* splash of breadcrumbs

Chicken is usually pre-cooked if you buy the frozen or the packaged strips. Otherwise I'd cook them up a bit. Cook your pasta as directed. Combine with sauce of choice (the alfredo is really yum, and I'm not even a huge alfredo fan, so I hope the vodka sauce is just as delish!), top with breadcrumbs and bake at 350* for about 25 mins or so. Depends on how well cooked your chicken and pasta already are. Mine were good to go so I cooked for like 20-ish minutes.

You can also choose to top it with some mozzarella cheese, or, if you're truly a Lazy Mom, do like I did and shred some Polly-O string cheese to cover the top a bit. It all looks the same when it melts, right?

I promise that even though it looks a little bit off, it was delicious. It's gone, anyway, and I made it on Wednesday night. Yum. So that's that! Go Share a Spoon of your own if you have a pasta dish you'd recommend. And enjoy!


  1. I could definitely live on pasta too. I love cheese tortellini. It's so good. Many of the filled pastas that you can find in the freezer section cook up so nicely. Add some cheese and voila! YUMMY dinner!

    Thanks for Sharing your short cuts for moms on the go!

  2. This does look WAY gooood.
    Thanks for the lazy mom recipe...'Cause cooking dinner for the kids is so overrated these days.

  3. I actually like baking pasta better than just cooking it. So, this looks great and I'm going to try it. Thanks,

  4. This looks great, and I'm going to definitely try it. I like baked anything.


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