Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Ice Cream Theory, Steff Deschenes ~ Book Review

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I recently read The Ice Cream Theory, by Steff Deschenes for review.

I love this book. I love ice cream, too, but that's neither here nor there, although it probably helps a bit as I devoured the descriptions of the various flavors that she describes throughout. Devoured isn't even a strong enough word here. Drooled over. I want to go get my own ice cream making machine, even though Steff hasn't had the best experiences with her own. But I won't. I know it'd end up in the cabinets, hiding with the rice cooker and the Kitchen Aid mixer that rarely makes an appearance above the counters.

Steff basically discusses how everyone has an ice cream flavor that matches them. And while someone might represent mint chocolate chip to you, they might stand out as cherry vanilla to someone else. 

Our flavors change depending on the relationship we're in. It's as much objective as it is subjective, one would think.

And your favorite flavor is not necessarily the flavor you are. Steff stresses that throughout her book and makes only one exception. Her grandfather. Her grandfather's favorite flavor and his "ice cream" were one and the same. It takes a special person to make that exception their rule. And for our author, we can tell that her grandfather was that special person.

Steff is the kind of person you'll want to be friends with after you read this. I immediately started following her on Twitter (I'm not a stalker, I promise!) because I want to know more about her, and what her plans are for more books, etc. And she even has a blog. It includes pictures of her and the food she is eating daily. Click here now because you know you want to find out more.

For me, I won't say that this book started me thinking about all the various flavors of friends and family members I have in my life, but it did get me thinking about my own flavor for others. I haven't started asking people yet, but I did explain the theory a bit to some friends at book club and many of them are intrigued. There is a small handful I might ask to describe me, but honestly, I think they need to read the book first before they say something like, 'You're vanilla, but you have a bit of Heath Bar thrown in for some bite.' Although, you know, that might describe me just a little bit ... and I don't usually like Heath Bar in my ice cream.

See ... see what I'm saying? It's the kind of book that will make you think. While you're reading it you're sure to compare people in your own life to the people/flavors in Steff's. And it's fun. And so is she. Have I mentioned I want to be friends with her?

Anyway, I definitely recommend this book as a fun, light and yet touch of serious read. The stories shared by our author have life's ups and downs within them. Loves lost or left, relationships that persevered, despite some struggles, and friendships that you will either envy or shake your head at. Steff Deschenes has a great debut book here and I look forward to reading whatever comes next from her.

Which ... according to the author info ... is possibly going to be a book titled, The Burrito Theory. Now I'm all for a good burrito, but I'm not sure if this is for real, or just tongue in cheek. Hopefully she'll stop in and let me know.

Head on out and pick up a copy today. And when you do, stop off for a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry's, Haagen Daaz, or Edy's. Or hide away at your favorite ice cream shoppe to grab a cup or cone of whatever your heart desires. You're sure to be doubly treated if you do!

** I was not compensated in any way for this review. I did receive a copy of the book to facilitate my review from the publicist. I will admit that after reading this (or even before) I would have happily accepted payment in ice cream, but that was not needed as the book is a lot of fun all on its own! YUM! There is an affiliate link in this post. **


  1. LOL I couldnt read this! Just your review is making me crave ice cream! But really, I do like the whole idea.

  2. Ha! This book definitely would have to wait until I'm done w/ this diet!

  3. I am so intrigued by this!!! I need the book!

  4. I love the enitre concept of this book. I'm going to look for the next time I head to Chapters:) Great review!


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