Friday, August 13, 2010

Confessions: Part II.

So last week I found out I was going to be interviewed for the Friday-Follow spotlight yesterday, but the blog is on a hiatus, and so I figured I'd use the interview and my responses to the questions to share with you all as my second installment of My Confessions.

So, here goes:

1 - When did you start blogging and link up your first post.

** I started blogging for myself in March of 2009. My first post before going public is here:

My first officially public post is here:

Far from thrilling. I eventually decided not to even PUT a counter on my blog, or use analytics, even.

2 - When you started blogging, what were some of your goals?'

** I just wanted a place where I could freely be myself and possibly share my thoughts with like-minded people out there. I thought that just maybe I'd be lucky enough to make a few friends along the way.

3 - Have you reached any of your blogging goals?

** I could never have imagined how many connections blogging would bring to me. Like-minded and otherwise! I am amazed regularly by the number of people out there who read, follow and most importantly, support me in whatever I may be rambling about. It's pretty great. ;)
4 - If you knew then what you know now, what would you do differently in regards to blogging?

** Honestly, I don't think I would have done much differently. I may have worked at watermarking my photos sooner, as I have heard some horror stories, and I may have become a blogger sooner than I did. I was always in awe of what the blogging community was all about, and here I am, right in the thick of it. I wish my non-blogging self knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

5 - List and give a brief description of three of your favorite blogs

** Hmmn, that is tough. I have a handful I truly enjoy all the time.
*NYC Girl at Heart I think being a fellow NYer I was drawn to this blog immediately. Plus, NYCGirl is such a sweetheart! I think the honest way she presents herself and her day-to-day, along with the taste of the city I get to experience through this blog is just what makes it a part of my everyday reading!

Globetrotting in Heels I absolutely LOVE this blog. I live vicariously through HipMom when it comes to fashion and travel. She's fashion-savvy like nobody I've ever met in the blogosphere.

Fever I mentioned this recently when Lora from Fever guest-posted for me. Somehow I feel like I have known her forever, and it's really a bit bizarre. Her blog is fresh and real, and totally worth visiting.

6 - What are some things you'd like to share about yourself?

** I am honest, open, and trustworthy. I also trust YOU until you prove me wrong. I am a friend for life. I enjoy reading, writing, and have an addictive electronic personality, which is why I have only been on Twitter for a short while and have over 4000 tweets. ACK! It's also why I haven't purchased a Kindle or a Nook. I'm addicted to books, and have piles upon piles of them, but I also have difficulties giving them away. I'm a personal library to many of my friends, though, and I never lose track of where my books are living temporarily.

7 - What makes you unique?

** I have lived in the South for the past four-plus years and I still do not drive. Gasp! I know. It's crazy. I have issues. But you'll like me anyway, I promise!

Maybe not so unique, but me in a nutshell = I'm a Jewish girl from Brooklyn, transplanted into the Triangle of NC and although I miss bagels and pizza and my Dad's matzo ball soup, I am a huge fan of sweet tea and Sheetz gas stations (for the food and drinks!) and I have decided I could never again live without central air.

8 - Give the best piece of advice anyone's ever given you.

** Everything happens for a reason. I would say that a friend in college shared those words of wisdom with me, and they seem to carry me through so many things. We may not always know WHY, or WHAT that reason is at the time, but it's there. Somehow. Somewhere. It's out there! ;)

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