Monday, April 12, 2010

Serious Monday

Today I am linking up to a fellow Momma Blogger who has posted a tragically sad story, one that is true, and highlight the importance of all parents, adults, children's caregivers, being aware of SIDS and the true danger this can be to our little ones.

I was planning to copy her post here, as a guest poster, but I couldn't truly access the images, and so I am linking over to My Life Through Pink. She has written a beautiful post in memory of her friend's grandson.

It's terribly tragic, and so sad, but it is important to pass along the awareness and alert one another to this possibility.

So in memory of Baby Paul, and all other babies out there lost to this syndrome, may we pass along the word to ensure that we protect the rest of the babies of our world, and prepare the mommies and daddies and other caregivers with this awareness.


  1. Thank you for linking to this.

    I just don't think that SIDS is a reality to everyone yet, and the message needs to get out there that yes, it can happen to anyone so we all need to take whatever precautions we can and listen to our doctors and our intuitions and even though we can't save every baby all the time, some of these babies can be saved. Not saying this one could have been, of course, but some of them can.

  2. What a heartbreaking story. Through awareness, perhaps we can end the battle of SIDS once and for all!

  3. Thank you for helping get the word out. I so appreciate it!

    Lora, just to let you know, they followed all the rules. That being said, people do need to be reminded of what is best to help prevent, still we need to find the cause!

  4. This is such an important message and I'm so glad you're linking it!

  5. Andrea, Wow...a big thank you to Baby Paul's family and friends for sharing his story and to you for helping spread the word.

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  7. Ironic for you to post this story,,,Just today I ordered a Crib Monitor for my niece, who will have her first child in August.. I did not want to scare her, but I really think it's such a smart gift... my grandsons all had this monitor also...
    Such an important topic...

    And Andria.. where is my box?? lol
    Got your e message and I forgive you... I too was out of town so I mailed early...


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