Friday, January 29, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

**Re-tell a classic fairytale**

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was an old woman who married a man, both of them bringing children into their marriage to one another. For the most part, the man was never to be seen, leaving this woman to look after her step-daughter.

What to do with her, she wondered?

Cindy never let her actually come up with any ideas, as she spent her days hiding from her new sisters, rarely leaving her room. When she was in hiding she would keep her nose into a book nearly all the time, leaving her step-mother at a loss.

"Girls," the old woman said to her own daughters, "Go and see if Cindy wants to go out tonight."

"Do we HAVE to?" they answered in unison.

"Yes, now GO!" The girls came back to their mother.

"Cindy won't open her door," one said.

"She's totally ignoring us," cried the other.

"Well, this is ridiculous. I'll go up and check on her."

As she walked up the stairs everything seemed exceptionally quiet. What is going on here, she thought to herself. Things just don't
seem right. She tapped on Cindy's door. No answer. Listened against it, nothing. No music, no pages rustling, nothing. She opened the door a crack. "Cindy? Cindy - are you ..." and stopped in her tracks.

Cindy wasn't there. The window was open and so the woman looked out, at nothing. "What the ----?" Where on earth had Cindy gone? And why would she feel the need to sneak out of the house? Cindy's step-mother muttered to herself, extremely frustrated.

"I swear, when she comes home I'm going to make her clean this entire house from top to bottom."

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  1. What a cool twist!!! So that's how it all began!!!! ;)

  2. Very cool re-write!

    When I was in 6th grade I wrote Cinderella 2 (i love sequels to this day) where she was now married and has twins...I think they are kidnapped and the prince needs to go rescue about that for dramatics! :)

    And we had to draw pics...i gotta find that book. My mom has to have it!

  3. Love it! Are you planning to rewrite the rest?


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