Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wal-Mart pizza and I've been tagged!

OK, so what do you think they put in Wal-Mart pizza that makes it so addictive? I mean, I'm a native NYer who is so picky about pizza that I can barely eat anything down here except for Papa John's (yes, I know ... but it's way better than Domino's or Pizza Hut!)

And yet when it comes to Wal-mart pizza, I'm completely addicted. It's not frozen, so maybe that's why. I can get it at the pseudo-grocery store, and it's actually pretty d@mned good!

I think that maybe they lace it with crack or something. Seriously. Is that cheesy for me to say? (Oh, man, what a horrible pun. Horrible.)

On another note, I've been tagged by Erin over at The Mother Load. I have to tell you all ten things that make me happy, and then tag ten people to do the same.

I have to get to bed soon, so I may just tell you to tag yourselves if you're interested, but my Top 10 go something like this:

1. A fantastic book and the time to read it.

2. A back/head/neck/shoulder/foot massage. By my husband, or a paid expert therapist will do, as well.

3. My crazy pets. They are nutty, but I love my critters.

4. A good cry. Sadistic? Maybe. But it feels really good afterward.

5. REALLY good TV. I'm a television addict. I have so many shows on my DVR. I think I probably should have said my DVR. It brings me my shows like Entourage, NCIS, Rescue Me, The Mentalist, The Office, Gary Unmarried, and my daily addiction of General Hospital.

6. A night/day out with friends. Sometimes there is nothing better. Whether we're at the movies, the book store, someone's house or grabbing a non-coffee, it's the best place to be when my friends are with me. There are too many laughs to count, too many deep breaths and too many moments where we don't think about anything we don't want to!

7. A glass (a bottle?) of Barefoot Moscato. Chilled.

8. Chocolate. Almost any kind. At any time. In any form.

9. My husband. I don't think I need to say more.

My daughter. Why save her for last? Well, she makes me smile (and makes me loopy) every single day. I stare at her in awe and amazement when she lays in her bed, asleep, fully vulnerable, holding onto my hand. She makes me laugh and act goofy, and do the silliest of things. She is my sunshine. Go figure. I saved the best for last.

So, thanks, Erin! And to anyone interested in responding, please do! Or share at least one thing in my comments section. Or maybe I should tag my most recent ten followers? Or maybe I should just get to bed ... ;)


  1. I share many of those happy-makers :-) (ok, that sounds bad. sorry, I blame the lousy sleep. And the holiday season. yes.)

  2. you've written a fabulous list that now makes me wish i could go back and edit mine. who doesn't love massages?!?! and a GNO (girls' night out)? sheesh. my brain is mush.

  3. LOL! I've never had Wal-mart pizza (my dad is a NYer also) and from what you're saying it looks like I should avoid it!!


  4. Great list! I love books and my DVR too. They definitely make me happy.

    I have never tried Wal-mart pizza, sounds like it might be dinner tonight!


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