Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Jersey sucks. New York rocks!

So New Jersey is the reason that our trip North had an extra two hours and then some added to it. SO not cool. We're in NY, and apparently we missed the "snow" that hit North Carolina yesterday. But that's okay, because we're getting doused with our own share of it here. Back in Brooklyn I have already happily had a bagel for breakfast, and a bagel with bagel-store-tuna for lunch. Which I ate after a long nap. That's what happens when your daughter wakes up at 5AM, wants "out of the crib," and to "go back to Carolina." Fun times. She also repeatedly asked for "boobie," which fortunately have been out of commission, as I posted previously.

Anyway, tonight's dinner is Chinese food. Assuming the delivery guy can get here. Because say what you will about New Yorkers, but even they won't deliver Chinese food on a bike in the snow. Teasing, of course. We haven't had bike-delivery here in years. And only when the place was literally around the corner. Gone are the days.

Oh, let me not forget the pizza we had for dinner last night. Wow. I haven't even been here for 24 hours yet. What a pig. But no worries. I don't do pork. We Jews do good Chinese food, but I, personally, skip the swine.

Well, shoot. That posted too soon. I'm rusty after a day of not checking in. But it's OK, I fixed it. Thanks to my newest follower. I'm at 78 now. I am so proud, I'm kvelling. (Showing my Jewish roots, I'm busting with pride!) Happy last day of Chanukah. I got my Christmanukah gift last night from my hubby, and I was completely shocked. We don't normally do gifts, or we try not to, but I was totally psyched and you will be, too. I promise.

I got me a brand new digital camera!
And I'm happy as can be! Get ready for GREAT pics in the new year!!! And to all a good night!


  1. Hey, watch it with the NJ Dig!!! Enjoy that fine NY cuisine :)

  2. YAY for a new camera!! Have fun with it in all this snow - just don't drop it because I have heard it doesn't fair well...



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