Thursday, December 3, 2009

Number 45: Bound South

I recently finished reading Bound South, by Susan Rebecca White. It was an interesting story told from the perspectives of three different female characters.

One being what felt to me like the main character, Louise. Louise was a proud Southern woman, who struggled in her relationship with her daughter, spent many a moment frustrated with her husband, and absolutely worshiped her son. When comparing her relationships with both her children, she shared such frustration with us about Caroline. Charles, however, was nothing less than perfect for so much of this novel. Her husband, John Henry, was labeled as what seemed to be a typical, standoffish Southern father.

When we meet Caroline we go through so many stages of her life with her. We start off as a teen, who is going against her mother over nearly everything. We watch her grow, develop a relationship with her mother, despite going against the family's hopes and dreams for her. She moves out of Atlanta and we follow her to California, through many relationships and careers. I liked Caroline a lot, despite her somewhat (this is my pattern with young females in books these days) troubled personality.

Lastly we meet Missy, the teenage daughter of Louise's housekeeper. How are they connected, you're likely wondering. As did I. And the story unraveled in such a way that I understood the connection, and later on even more so. Missy and Charles became, if not friends, then friendly with one another and he helped her on a journey that truly changed the path of her life.

And all the while we watch Louise. We watch her relate with her friend Tiny, flash back to her other loves, remember every moment of her relationship with her husband before they wed, help him discover his true feelings and memories of his own family, and so much more.

I grew to like Louise more and more with every page I turned. She was an interesting and complex character with a lot of history. With what I believe was White's first published novel she has left me wanting more about this woman and her children. I want to see the future for Caroline and Charles, and even Missy. Honestly, I didn't care about the husband/father as much, as he was sort of "just there," I suppose. But I did recognize his role in each relationship that they had with their children as parents, and as individuals. I try to imagine Louise's life had she taken a different path, and enjoyed imagining with her.

I'd recommend this for anyone looking for what I've coined as a different kind of chick-lit. Something you can sink your teeth into and watch the characters grow without predictability. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love the standard and labeled chick-lit reads, but sometimes I need a little bit more. Lately I've been getting it. I hope you find it, too. Feel free to share whatever suggestions you may have, as I have 6 more books to hit 50 before 2009 is over!

And if you're interested in finding out about books #1-44, check

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  1. I'm off to check your list of books! I read at least one per week also. (And my ass shows it!! oi!)

  2. I love to read. I don't do it nearly as often as I used to, but I do love it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This book sounds really interesting. adding it to my list to read.

  4. I am on Goodreads, too, but I just don't update it enough. I am reading another Jodi Picoult book right now..hmmm, I think it's Vanishing Acts. I like her stuff a lot.

    This sounds good, too!


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