Friday, November 13, 2009

Has she changed too much for me?

Or have I changed too much for her?

Jane Green used to be one of my favorite authors. Then for a little while I fell off her bandwagon, I wasn't able to focus on reading her books, with the occasional story trickling in now and then. But yesterday I finished book #40 for 2009!

I read
Second Chance, one of her more recent novels. And while I liked it enough, it wasn't old school Jane Green to me. Maybe it's because the old chick-lit that I used to read and love was vicarious living. Single women, living it up in London (or somewhere) and living the kind of life I either thought I had, wanted to have or just enjoyed "watching?" I'm not quite sure where the change in taste came, as this book had a little bit of everything, and honestly should have meshed with me in the stage of my life that I am in now.

I remember reading
Babyville, thinking, okay, I'm married, not yet a mom, but I can relate to some of this, I can look back at reading [and LOVING] Jemima J, Mr. Maybe, and even Book Ends. I actually also really enjoyed The Other Woman, and Swapping Lives. But this book just wasn't up to par for me. I mean, I finished it, I didn't hate it, I liked it just enough, but it didn't flow the way her other books have.

I actually have
Dune Road on my list for #41, and I hope I enjoy it more than I expect to at this point. Both of the hardcover copies were on sale in the Bargain Books section online at, so perhaps I should have known better instead of taking advantage of the deals? I guess I'll decide that once I get through the next one and I'll come back and let you know!


  1. You know, the first place I go look for books is the Barnes & Noble bargain bin-- either online or in the store. (JUst went there on my lunch hour, actually). I'm amazed at some of the great reads I have found-- but you're right... some can be doozies.

  2. Its amazing as my family grew, I noticed that my taste in books changed as well. But recently I was able to go back to an old author that I love.

  3. I LOVED Jemima J and Swapping Lives...Second Chance is on my list to read too. I can't remember what its about but I guess I won't rush to read it just yet. I'm on a reading hiatus...too much to do!


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