Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Girl Bed

We bought a toddler bed for my daughter today. Spent the evening rearranging her furniture, reorganizing her room, and setting things up just right. Her crib is still in there, and hubby had taken the side off of it, but she was leaving the room, so I told him we had to put it back on, because maybe she was not ready. He is in there with her now, and has been for a little while, so we'll see what happens. I have a feeling I'll be summoned soon, but I am more than happy to let him take this one.

I know she is going to test me, and I know I'M not ready, but someone was selling their bed, mattress, sheet set, mattress cover, and waterproof cover, along with some extra sheets, for a steal of a deal. So we bought it, brought it home, and tah dah! Big girl bed.

Wish us luck, though. 'Cause there is no way in heck I can imagine this child actually making it through the entire night in this bed tonight. Especially since last night she would have been up at 4, but I ignored her (yes, I did, and I'm proud) until she fell back and then she woke up after 5 and proceeded to scream for me til I caved. I went in, soothed her a bit and dropped her back in that crib so she could fall back to sleep. Now if this happens tonight there is no way I'm going to pop her back into the bed so she can easily escape. But, man, I'm so not ready for this!

Any tips of the trade from more experienced moms and dads out there? Fill me in!


  1. I really hope that she does good tonight. I remember the first night being so hard.

  2. Lots of crossing of fingers. Much luck!

  3. Good luck! I hope it is going better than expected. Both of my kids transitioned pretty easily to beds. We made sure to have nothing in their rooms for them to play with. They do have a bookcase but that's really it - so this way they weren't enticed to get out of their beds.


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