Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who takes care of mommy?

When the whole house is sick, who takes care of mommy?

The little one has a cold, goopy nose and whatnot, but has way too much energy for my sick self. Hubby is a brat when he has a cold, as he really (knock wood) never gets sick, and when he does it usually lasts for like 24 hrs, if that (again, knock wood) and so when he's sick he hides up in bed, OD-ing on NyQuil and darkness.

But me ... who takes care of me? I do, that's who.

True, hubby did run out to Wal-mart and get some tissues and Campbell's chicken noodle soup, so that's a good thing, but as for the rest, it's all me. I threw in a wash already, have the dishwasher running, and am trying to keep on top of my daughter. Although right now I have her watching some Madagascar Penguins, and though I've never seen them before, she seems to be enjoying them from her little spot on the floor by the side of the couch.

It's also pouring outside, so we'll be hibernating today, and likely tomorrow, too. We're even missing a big, group-wide event for my mommies' group since we feel so cr@ppy. Damn -- makes me cranky. I'm always sick in October, though, so I shouldn't be surprised, right? At least I got a nice weekend in last weekend. That has to count for SOMEthing!

And so, Mommy continues to take care of mommy, and everyone else in the house, as well. But if anyone wants to come over and bring me some chicken soup, tuck me in and close the curtains, I'd be more than happy to hand over my family to you for a few hours. Honest. Come on over ... Please!?!


  1. Being a mom is a rough job, expecially when we are sick. I hope you were able to get a little pampering and are feeling much better!

  2. Aww Im sorry you're sick. I know how you feel though. It always seems that when everyone else gets sick Im there to help them as much as I can but if I even think about getting sick I'm on my own. Hang in there, and try to hide in your room tomorrow and get some rest!!!


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