Sunday, October 25, 2009

I love Sundays.

I mean, who doesn't? They're chock-full of lazy moments. Especially when the entire house is under the weather. Hubby and I are starting to think that we might have H1N1. Great fun. I'm thinking he got it from someone at work or something, and brought it home to the rest of us. Woo hoo! Could I BE any happier?

Anyway, back to loving Sundays. When I lived at home in NY, with my family, Sundays were days of bagels for a late breakfast, maybe even a potato knish, if we were lucky ... football and more bagels for lunch, and then Chinese food for dinner. Now that I live in NC I have no bagels (boo!) and little football (sometimes the Giants are on, but not often enough) and Chinese food has to be picked up if we want it. But we don't have that kind of a "traditional" weekend, yet. Maybe once my daughter gets older we'll have more of a routine on Sundays. Heck, Saturdays, too.

For now I'll settle for sitting on the couch with the laptop, while my daughter plays with Play-Doh, my husband is upstairs sleeping, and Laurie Berkner sings on our living room TV set. Not quite the NFL, but it entertains, just the same.

What are your Sunday routines? Anything you natives can suggest for a newly (okay, it's almost been 4 years, but still ...) Southern gal? I mean, we can only hit Bob Evans so many times. If I'm being honest here, I'm not really a fan. I do love me some Cracker Barrel, though, but if we don't get there early enough we wind up waiting for like an hour, and who can do that with a 2-1/2 year old in tow? So then we ride over to Dunkin' Donuts, but even those trips are few and far between of late. So I opt for frozen waffles/pancakes and say thanks to Aunt J, Eggos and any generic brand I can find. Which is fine. But I could use some Starbucks' chai tea right about now. Now there's a place I wish delivered.

Anyway, I do still love my Sundays. There's nothing quite like the Sunday paper, flipping through the fliers, clipping coupons, watching last night's SNL [only there wasn't a new one last night, boo!] and whatever trashy and old movies are on the boob tube. It just might be my favorite day of the week, despite the work week starting the next day. Maybe that's because I'm a stay-at-home-mom these days, and my "work week" never quite ends.

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope you're enjoying yours!

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