Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mother jumpin' ... literally

Dagnabbit! Friggin stupid ... #$@%*)A@@@@ ^---!!!!! OW!

I was just outside, trying to convince my daughter to come back in (we really need to childproof that back door) when she pointed out that she saw a lizard crawl under the semi-packed-up *what is that thing called?* Canopy? Tent? Both?

She was excited, so I tried moving it so she could actually SEE the lizard. Smart mommy move #1.

Said lizard is smart, and runs under the propped up baby pool. Fine. I realize that if she decides to walk around the area where this folded-up-canopy-thing is laying, she will likely injure herself. And therefore I decide to move it. Smart mommy move #2.

So I pick it up, and it's pretty f-in' heavy. I mean, go figure. A 10x10 tent, heavy? Nah. And I'm about to put it down and realize if I rest it as is, I'll be putting all of the weight on the canopy part, which will likely pull, tear, etc. So, what comes next? You guessed it, smart mommy move #3. I decided to flip it upside down, and proceeded to drop the G-d foresaken thing on my toe. Not my foot, but my right big toe. And it hit me like a ton of bricks, but was literally the impact of the heel of one of the "spikes" of the tent poles. Fun stuff.

As I bit back my vulgarities my daughter asked me if I had a "boo boo," and if I needed a Band-Aid. Have I mentioned how much I love this child? And how much I really REALLY need to childproof that back friggin door?

I know when hubby gets home he'll want me to ice it, but in the meantime I have my foot sort of up, I cleaned it, put on some clear Balmex and will likely find a way to cool it down later. Almost got me out of doing dinner, but my Thrifty Thursday self really didn't want to have him pick something up again. After all, HE has Chinese food leftover that he didn't eat yet today! ;)

Yours in bruised and battered toe-mode ...


  1. Childproofing is over-rated. Think of all of the adventures you have without it!

  2. I agree with "That One Mom"... it makes for good material!!
    Hope your toe is better soon. Is it broken?

    Followed you over here from the above mentioned "That One Mom"... I think she rocks, so I knew you would too ~ she has very good taste in blogs (LOL)


  3. Hope your toe is getting better. :)


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