Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Child Labor Laws ...

Is it possible that I am violating all sorts of child labor laws when my daughter brushes my hair? I mean, she likes to do it, and usually she volunteers, actually ASKS me if she can do it. Or really, tells me she is going to. But I like it. It's relaxing. When she isn't tearing my hair out with whatever brushing implement she has found. Is that so wrong?

What about when she takes a bath and decides that she needs to clean the entire bathtub? I mean, usually she's just removing the artwork she has drawn ages ago with bath crayons, and if it's really caked on there, she works pretty hard at it, but I never tell her to. I even tell her not to, but she presses on, cleaning and scrubbing. And ultimately the tub is clean enough for her next bath, (whenever that might be!)

And how about when I have her throw away her dirty diapers? I mean, I am just comfortable where I am, and I'm trying to teach her chores that she'll be doing soon enough, right? She's 2-1/2, after all, I mean, isn't that when these things become ingrained in their little heads?

After all, for much of her toddler life she's spent many a day pointing out "dirty" spots on the floor (thanks, many pets that I try to clean up after) and will sometimes battle me to clean these messes up. I haven't gone so far as to tie Swiffer pads to her feet, but believe me, when she was in the crawling stages I was totally tempted! In the meantime she likes to use her own mini-broom and dustpan. And I actually wish I was kidding.

So, please don't call child services on me. I have my own little merry maid, and as hard as I try, she LIKES it. Who am I to take such a pleasure away from my sweet, little girl? ;)


  1. I am so jealous! Getting my boys to clean up is like pulling teeth. I pretty much have to tell them they cannot watch tv or play games unless they clean up first!

  2. My youngest son still likes to feed the outside animals and does it faithfully after school every day. My middle son likes to help me cook. My older son well ummm hmmm let me get back to you on that one.

  3. Encourage it as long as possible, I say :)

    (happy ccwa day!)

  4. I say if they want to help, it's only good training! I wish my girls had helped more, maybe they wouldn't be the three little piggies now.


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