Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Thought ...

Isn't it funny how I started this blog to talk about myself, my life, etc. and yet my last handful of posts have about 5-6 pictures of my daughter in them ... EACH!!!!

Ah, what becomes of who we are once we have a child? Do we know ourselves anymore, or do we simply become "Mommy, Momma, Mom, Ma ... " forever?

And on that note, as a mother I take pride in this DoodlePad drawing my daughter did yesterday. I HAVE to share it, because she drew this ...

And then she told my husband that it was a kitty-cat. I could hear his surprise, and he had her repeat it for me before sharing it with me, and you know what? IT IS! IT IS A KITTY-CAT!!! (Do I sound like Tweety Bird? I totally don't mean to, but come on, she's 2-1/2! This is a pretty d@ng good kitty-cat, don't you agree?)

Ah, being a parent is incredible, isn't it? I'm kvelling ... and if you don't know what that means ... well, click HERE to find out! Thank you, Merriam Webster, I can't believe kvell is in the dictionary!


  1. That's a great kitty cat! As far as your blog featuring your daughter... I think that's only natural. She plays such a huge role in your life! Just keep writing. I love peeking in to see what you guys are up to!

  2. dude, thats a great pic for a 2 yr old. You should be proud !!!


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