Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Being a mom means ...

* Laying beside your child as she hogs your entire bed in her sleep.

* Aching horribly when you can't figure out why she is crying.

* Finding yourself willing to sleep in a rocking chair with your child in your arms, if that's what it takes.

* Functioning the next day on a few hours of sleep.

* Giving up the remote so she can watch Noggin, ALL. DAY. LONG.

* Watching the same episode of Toot and Puddle over and over and over again. Mona the monarch butterfly, anyone?

* Giving up your laptop so she can do "A.B.C.D!"

* Foregoing that second waffle so she can have breakfast, too! ;)

* Freaking out when she starts calling you "MOM," or "Hon," at age 2-1/2!

* Feeling your heart burst when she tells you "I wub you, Mommy." Are there sweeter words in the English language? Or ANY language?


  1. You're a great mom :) She's a lucky little girl!

  2. Love this post! :) The last one is awesome! I can't wait till my son can say those words. Right now I'm happy with "Mama" and his sweet kisses. :)

    You had asked me about Floam on my blog. It is a fun activity for feeling a different texture. :)The age recommendation is 3+, but my son hasn't put anything in his mouth in a while, and since I'm right there watching him, I am not nervous about it. The little foam beads stick to each other, but also pull apart from each other, which makes it fun! Since the beads are sticky, it is not very messy. But I suppose if they get dried out, the beads can go anywhere. I limit the "play area" for floam and play-doh to the table, so I don't get stuff in my carpet... :)

  3. *Reading the same book that you can't stand anymore... again.

    *Buying a toy for them instead of for yourself.

    *Playing a game with a ball when you really want to be watching the ball game. (Maybe that's more for us dads)

    *Coming home from work to feed, bath, and put to bed instead of relaxing.


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