Monday, June 1, 2009

I love to read ...

I have just reviewed the books I've read over the past months. 2009 has had me pretty busy reading and, well, reviewing what I've read for the TM blog! And that is what started me with blogging, so it's kind of cool that my love for reading reminded me of my love for writing that way.

And so I figure what better way to continue that than with including my love of reading here in this blog? Especially when it comes to a Southern woman and her stories.

I just finished reading
Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank, by Celia Riverbank. I won't get into it too much right now except to say that she's pretty d@mned funny. And proud of her Southern self. And makes me proud of my relocated Southern self!

Anyway, if you keep peeking in I'll keep you informed on my up-to-date reading list, my planned summer reads and the like, and hope you'll chime in about what sorts of books interest you, too! So ... Happy Reading!


  1. LOL...was someone inspired by a recent topic on TM? LOL!! I am loving reading A! I may not always comment, but know I gotcha in my Reader :) I am reading an OLD's actually a kids book...I never read the entire Time Quartet, just Wrinkle in Time, so now I am taking time to read the entire series b/c I loved it so much :) Mostly b/c you got me turned onto PaperBack Swap <3

  2. Ah, I just figured I'd bring my blog entries over here for my own personal record! I never keep track of what I read throughout the year, but the TM blog (and YOU!) helped me do that for 2009 so far. Hopefully I'll keep doing it! Thanks for coming by!!!

  3. Well, your reading habits have rubbed off on me, and from some of your suggestions I've read several GREAT books. So, I'm always interested to hear what you are reading! I also love PBS and wouldn't have found it without your suggestion!


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