Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Biggest Loser

There are days that I feel like a loser. And others when I look in the mirror and say, where did that second chin come from?

Yes, I'm talking about weight. The F-word. Gasp. F-A-T.

I participated in a Biggest Loser contest with my fellow mommies that ran from January through April. I lost 10 lbs, but 5 of those suckers seem to find their way back home now and then. And seem to plant themselves on my face! Damn!

Anyway, I'm not in any contest, but I'd like to give myself some time to focus on how to get rid of the extra poundage, and for good. I mean, although my clothes fit (most of the time) and I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight (which wasn't that low to begin with) I still could afford to lose an entire person, so I'd like to try.

And no, I'm not one of those people who think losing 100 lbs is realistic, or who wishes she weighed in at 122 (WHAT?) but I'm thinking if I write down my dedication those 5 lbs will stay away for good, as will a few of their friends.

So, who is with me? Let's watch the numbers go down, on our scale, on our clothing, and on our faces ... ;)


  1. Oh gosh, I so need some help here! I've had to start buying the next size up clothes AGAIN! I'm heavier now than I was at full term pregnancy! YIKES! Snacks and NO exercise are what's killing me! I'd be happy at 122 lbs., heck I'd settle for 132 at this point. :(

  2. 122 is SO far off my radar it isn't even funny, I'd take just about anything in between that and where I am right now! As soon as you move down the block that's it, we're walking EVERY DAY! Wanna come over this week and watch one of my bellydancing DVDs? Uhm, I mean work out to it?


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