Sunday, May 24, 2009

Broccoli + Cheese = Yum

How can you go wrong? 1 Bag of frozen broccoli (at least 16oz, but 24 works well, too)+ 1 can (2 if you're using 24oz) of Campbell's creamy cheddar cheese soup + your Crock Pot = a delicious side dish, IF you cook it long enough!

We had a BBQ here today, and stupidly I thought 2 hrs would be enough to get this going, however it really takes some time to settle and thicken a bit, making it even more delicious.
So set your CP to low and cook 4-6 hrs and you'll be all set. So if you're having friends over at 2, that would mean starting at 10AM would work for you, and then you let it cool.

However, if you happen to do it the way I did, and not leave enough time, that leaves you with a delightful veggie-filled "dinner," like my little one and I just had! Enjoy!

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