Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does it count?

... as a bath (for me) if I joined her in the tub and used Huggies' Baby Wash?

... as breakfast (for her) if it's cold noodles and a few bites of a waffle?

... as child labor if she LIKES washing the crayon off of the bathtub with baby wipes?

... as 12PM somewhere if I open a bottle of wine this early? (Just kidding, everyone, but I seriously have some weird back spasms right now and I'm sure it would help!)

... as blowing a lot of money if you *know* she's going to grow into them?

... as one more step towards Mother of the Year if I turn on the TV so I can surf the web in peace? (Not yet, but maybe later!)

Share with me, Mamas. What are YOUR "does it count" comments and questions? Show me I'm not alone in this!


  1. Hmmm only if making htem take the trash out counts against me. Or making them CLEAN the trash can in their bathroom cause well they are boys nad their aim sucks lol

  2. I just posted this same story in a comment in a blog today, but it's worth telling again! My girls are all big now, but when they were little:

    Does it count as housework when you stumble upon your 3 year old swirling her daddy's toothbrush in the toilet and she tells you she always cleans the toilet for you with daddy's toothbrush!

    I am serious.

    Happy CCWA day! I can't wait to read more.


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