Sunday, February 23, 2020

Don't Step Out of Your Comfort Zone.

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You know the saying, step out of your comfort zone.

Try new things.

You can do it!

You've got this!

All of that is true. Certainly.

You CAN do it.

And no doubt, at some point?

You WILL get it.

But what happens if stepping outside of your comfort zone causes you so much anxiety that you simply freeze?

Stand still?

Find yourself going nowhere?

What happens then?

I'll give you a small bit of insight to what happens.

You not only don't step out of your comfort zone.

You beat yourself up for not doing so.

You find that you're angry with yourself, without even really knowing why.

Why was that one thing so important?

What and who did you fail by NOT doing it?

Honest answer?


You're not a failure if you're not ready to take giant leaps.

You're not a disappointment if you decide to say no.

And yes, I've encouraged you to LEAP before.

I know. I have. And I still do.

We can't see progress without some sort of leaping.

It's - well - it's really difficult to recognize how we change, what we have been through.

Even when we're making the moves all along.

So I'm going to offer you a different perspective.

I'm not here to say I have invented this mindset, but it is something I said recently to a friend and she found that it resonated. And so, I decided, I needed to share it - for myself - and for any and all of you.


Don't step out of your comfort zone.

Expand it.

Just a little.

Take that circle that is all-encompassing and stretch it a few small steps.

And bring whatever it is you think you should be doing (no shoulds, y'all, truly) - whatever it is you NEED to be doing - bring that INSIDE your comfort zone.

Stretch just enough to let that small change join you in the space in which you find yourself at your best. Bring those tiny baby steps to meet you where you stand.

Don't step out of your comfort zone.

But don't be afraid to watch it grow.

Allow yourself to see your intentions.

And then?

Allow yourself to live them.

Do it because you can, and you need to. 

Not because anyone made you feel as though you should.

So. Remember, don't step out of your comfort zone.

But allow yourself to redefine it, expand it, live and breathe it however you need to.

You do you, friends. It's all you can do.

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