Friday, July 17, 2015

This is my Sisterhood.

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This. This is what I did this weekend. This is what I absorbed. Learned. Loved. Lived.

It is what I saw in every single smile. What I felt in every pair of knowing eyes. What I held in my heart as I hugged mamas who hold the knowledge of what many have lived, deeply inhaling the support and hearts of 100+ amazing women. And then exhaling. Letting out tears of frustration, exhaustion, emotion and then some.

These are my people. My story is my own. My story is enough. But my story is their story. And every mom's story who has experienced any sort of anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after giving birth. Any mom who felt their mind racing so fast they couldn’t fall asleep in the quietest of spaces. Any mom who has heard their baby cry and wanted to hide in the bathroom - or did. Any mom who worried that their child didn't love them, or didn't know and feel they were loved. They did. They loved you. They do. They know you love them, too.

These moms? YOU? You moms? You're good moms. Each one of you. Each of us. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes anxiety and a racing heart get in the way of recognizing the truth. Sometimes guilt over just about anything steals the joy we think we should always be feeling. That joy is OURS. We can own it. We're allowed. We should. There is no guilt. We did not do anything wrong. It is not our fault.

Anyone out there who knows a mom who might be struggling? Please share this with them. Don't tag them. You don't need to. They'll know it's for them. Or message them, privately. Let them know that you know. Share the love. The reminder. The support. It's deserved. They deserve it. You do, too.

And please, if anyone sees this and needs help - or needs help finding help - reach out. To your friends, your loved ones, to me - please. Reach out to me. I am here to listen without judgement. To help you find your way. I'm here to remind you you're going to be okay and you're not alone. Not now, not ever. Never alone. We've got you. ‪#‎WarriorMoms‬


  1. I'm so glad you had an amazing time- you are awesome!

  2. You know there are moms out there who need to hearthis and who need support. May they find your words! Xo

  3. Thank you for being such an integral part of my sisterhood. xoxo


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