Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Some great holiday gift ideas for your kids!

* Disclaimer: I was given a compensated opportunity to check out Stone's Education Superstore in Raleigh recently. All observations and opinions expressed here come from me or my 7-year-old daughter. Compensation ultimately led to some shopping on-site. That's how cool this store is. *

Stone's Education Superstore has a new location these days, and when you pull up into the shopping center where it is located you're in for a shock - honestly - at least you were if you were me. 

This store is HUGE. 

There is no other word to describe the first impression. It's gigantic. 

We walked in and found ourselves immediately greeted with their Frozen display. Smart marketing move on their part. My daughter immediately made her way over to the Frozen "snowballs" and engaged. Honestly, pretty much anything on this display would be a perfect surprise for your Frozen-loving kiddo this holiday season.

And heads up if you're going to be in the Triangle area over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend you might want to consider heading over on Saturday the 29th because one Frozen princess is going to be on-site. (Peek at the picture below to find out who!)

Frozen, Olaf, Disney, Anna, Elsa, toys, meet Elsa

One of my favorite things walking through Stone's was the toys they had that reminded me of my childhood. Of course, hula hoops are a staple for kids and I think my daughter loves them more than I did when I was younger! Although she (thankfully) didn't test them out at the store this time, she was too busy interacting with so many other toys ... more on that later. 

But what I was excited to see was the "old school" games like Twister, Boggle and Simon! We've spent a lot of time playing Simon on the iPad, but the real game? How fun was that when we were kids, right? And the spirograph? I kind of wanted to get one for myself - since I'm being 100% honest here. And the section of toys for the little ones included so many fun and creative options, including Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

hula hoops, Twister, Mr. Potato Head, Boggle, Spirograph, Simon, games, childhood

Now - on to the more interactive part of our visit. What's really cool about Stone's is that it's totally encouraged for your kids to play with the toys there. They have demos for their ride-on toys and my daughter didn't pause before testing several of them out. 

This ride-on scooter called The Original Flying Turtle by Mason Toys was her favorite. Unfortunately I can't find this on their website, but I'm going to show you a picture anyway because it's on-site and you need to go check it out. 

Next, this small toy was one of my daughter's favorites. You wouldn't think it would be impossible to tear her away, but with this remote control vehicle at the front of the store it was kind of difficult to get her to move past the entrance and into the aisles to check out other things. 

toy superstore, holiday shopping, interactive play

There were so many other toys she thought were loads of fun - but honestly - we walked out of there with three books and a calendar/planner for me. 

Check out the Reading section of the store. Choices available for all ages and reading-levels, and a place to cozy up and read!

reading, children's books, stuffed animals, day planners, teacher supplies

Honestly, I took so many pictures of the amazing products at the store I could probably keep going. My daughter had the best time and didn't really want to leave. If she hadn't been with me I'd have probably done some holiday shopping of my own ...

In the meantime, as you can tell, Stone's is really kid-friendly and does give you an opportunity to do some shopping while your children engage throughout the store. Their selection is never-ending, and this doesn't even touch on the available inventory for teachers, homeschoolers and parents looking to enhance their children's education at home. 

I definitely recommend you stop by Stone's Education Superstore, or head online to check out what they have that you might need this holiday season. And don't forget - no matter how cold it is - someone's coming to visit all the way from Arendelle on November 29th!

* Disclaimer: I was given a compensated opportunity to check out Stone's Education Superstore in Raleigh recently. All observations and opinions expressed here come from me or my 7-year-old daughter. There are affiliate links throughout this post. 


  1. What a fun store, I am going to check it out!

  2. This store looks amazing. We could definitely use it to spice up your homeschool routine a bit.

  3. I bet there new store is great. They used to be near me and I loved it.

    Great store.


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