Thursday, November 6, 2014

My head is spinning. Such is life as a blogger.

If you're my friend on Facebook forgive the somewhat duplicate commentary from me. I started to write it all there and decided, well, this is almost a post - is it not? And so, here I am.

And in all my confused glory ...

I am so all over the place when it comes to conferences this coming year.

I am registered to attend the Warrior Moms Conference in Boston in July. I cannot wait to be surrounded by these amazing women.

BlogHer15 was just barely announced and it's going "home" for me to NYC. Also in July.

Type-A Parent is having a boot camp in Las Vegas in January. AND there are mini-summits in Asheville throughout the year. The annual conference is in Atlanta in October - I know I'm not able to attend - but in case anyone needed to know.

The Bloggers at Midlife Conference is in Nashville in March.

Anyone have a money tree I can borrow from?

Or a decision making tool of some sort that I can use to figure all of this out?

Or a teleporter on-hand?

Because I want to go to all the place and be at ALL the conferences and I need ALL the money to do just that.


So there.

What's happening with you? Any conferences in the works for 2015? Which ones? Why? Fill me in and persuade me - would you? I need someone to make the call for me so I can move along with my day. Days. Weeks?

Sigh ... such is the life of a blogger ... or at least THIS one.

And in case you're wondering why I want to go to all of these I've got loads of conference-related posts up on my blog you can dig through. So if you're looking to find out more on why I like to attend blog conferences and what I've experienced, gained, learned, etc. please check out my conference category for more info and true words from me.

* This post has been brought to you in it's mini-version due to NaBloPoMo. If you don't know what that is yet, click the older post link below and go back a few. It's all about writing every day this month. Writing AND publishing. Woo hoo! * 


  1. aren't going to Type-A in October??? What?? That's the only one I'm for sure signed up for. And why? Because I love it. And I love the people.

  2. I love conferences. It's so nice to connect with the bloggers you're already reading and to meet others within, as well as outside of your niche. I would love to go to BlogHer someday. We'll see. Maybe someday .:-)


  3. I have never been to a conference but I am definitely going to read up on them on your blog. I have so many questions and I could potentially ask you so many that you might start to dislike me so I won't. I will try not to. Also thanks in advance for the posts on this subject because I need all the information.

  4. I would really love to go to a conference, but probably won't because of money. I wish I could!

  5. Right!? So hard to pick which ones to go to! But I love that you & I have to leave the state to see each other. ;) Holiday party for NCBN!?

  6. I am with you on all of this!! I definitely NEED to be at BlogHer NYC because it als also going to be HOME for me but al of the others look so amazing as well! It's torture when you can't attend. Get this: I won FREE Registration for Blogalicious in TX but couldn't get there on short notice - I'm STILL stewing over that one!!!

  7. I went to a couple this year and learned so much. I agree I wish I could go to all of them.


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