Friday, November 7, 2014

Nighttime writing. I don't usually do it.

It's #NaBloPoMo, people.

I can't not write a post today.

That would be awful.

So here I am.

BlogHer made me write at night.

I already started a day behind everyone else, so I'm on day six while everyone is on day seven and it's already not cool so I really have to write tonight and here I am.

I really don't know what I feel like writing about.

Honestly, I'm kind of tired.

I had blood drawn today and I'm extra exhausted.

The two shouldn't really be connected. They are and they aren't.

I'm just ultra-tired.


Yeah. I guess.

My husband and daughter are watching Tanked.

The in-laws went up to bed (they're visiting).

We went out for dinner and I'm full, but also in the mood to eat leftovers.

You know how that goes?

I won't - I'm drinking water instead.

I'm listening to them watching one of the guys on Tanked as he follows his daughter around on a date at a museum. It's funny. Parenting can be entertaining.

I don't usually write at night. As much as I'm a night owl it's rare that I get a post going and live past the evening hours. I'm usually reading or putzing around online. Or watching television.

But writing? Nah. I don't know why, exactly. I just don't normally find myself doing it.

Especially when I'm tired. See how I seem to be saying the same thing over and over?

Yeah. That's probably why.

So. I don't usually write at night.

But it's NaBloPoMo, y'all. And me? I'm workin' at makin' it happen.

So - before bed - here I am.

Rehydrating with water (I had an alcoholic Arnold Palmer with dinner. And it was good). Avoiding leftover pizza (the goooood kind). Gnashing my teeth a little bit (more on that another time). And editing a photo for this post.

Just 'cause.

And now I'll head to bed. Because my old man dog is crying at the top of the stairs since he knows I'm down here.


Night, y'all.

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  1. I do some of my best writing at night! Actually, that's about the only time I have to blog. Tomorrow's post is ready and I have several other posts started, waiting for photos and they'll be d-o-n-e. (I'm an overachiever. And apparently taking nablopomo very seriously.)

  2. I'm doing the exact same thing you are, and so when I saw this post on Facebook, I had to stop by! Go, #nablopomo!

  3. Love love love the picture!

    I don't write at night very often anymore. Until a couple of weeks ago, we have been a one computer family, so my husband was usually using it when night time came.

    But I'm sure there will be more nighttime writing as NaBloPoMo continues. Whatever it takes to get those posts in under the line, right?

    Now I'm going to have to go raid my fridge, because your talk of leftover pizza made me hungry!

  4. I've been doing all my posts so far at night as it is the only time I have a few minutes. Yes, I've only been allotting minutes for many of these posts. It is what it is. I like this daily challenge and hope that at least a few of the posts this month are decent :)


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