Friday, January 24, 2014

Amazing Reads: The 1/24 Edition

I'm really enjoying this "series" I've started.

I'm also enjoying making the time to read blogs. It's important. It's a huge part of who I am, ya know?

And so, here we have a few posts that struck me as important to share with you all this week.

My friend Amy is amazingly talented and absolutely beautiful. She always looks so completely put together to me. I bet she didn't know that I think that, and I kick myself for waiting til now to tell her. But you know what? She's human, too. She wrote a bit of a letter to the person in line before her at Starbucks who taught her to pay it forward and brightened her day some. And she shared real and raw words with us. Check it out over at Somebody's Parents. You'll be thankful for the reminder that you're not alone. I know I was.

And speaking of raw and real, Erin has opened up and shared an experience that led to her flashing back, recognizing memories hurt and pain from her youth. Having her eyes opened to the reminder that she isn't responsible for all the bad things, all the "stuff," as she puts it is a reminder to us all that we didn't cause all the pains of our youth. So many things happened TO us. But didn't happen because of things we did. We were kids. How could we place that blame on an innocent child? We'd never do it now. We'd never let it happen to our children. It's time we shift that blame and place it where it belongs. Join Erin as she does that in The Blame Game.

More honesty this week comes from Fadra over at All Things Fadra. As soon as I saw the title of her post I had to go read it. As I Get Older is an open, honest account of things that she's started noticing about herself in her, ehem, not quite younger years. I'm right there with her and I totally feel it. I mean, I know I am not exactly twelve anymore, though I often say I "look" it. I mean, I do - don't I? No? Yeah. Maybe not. But I'm still all about the selfie. * Have you checked out my 2013 selfie summary yet? No? You totally should. Go on, I'll wait. Anyway, selfies aside, Fadra is another tell it like it is mama. And I like that. A lot.

I've decided that during my weekly Amazing Reads segments I'll be sharing a little bit of old school me from previous posts. I've got one this week that sort of sums me up in 400 words. Check it out. Challenge yourself to write something similar. It's kind of cool. I promise.

See you next week! And if you have an Amazing Read to share, let me know.

Maybe I'll feature you next!


  1. I love this series and I can't wait to read these posts!! (and you totally look young!)

    There is a 3 part series (it's three parts of the same story) that my friend Chris has written about her daughter that I LOVE. I'm not sure if you read her, but if you haven't read them, they are amazing. It's like watching the movie "Rudy". It's fantastic!
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:


  2. I love this idea. I love reading blogs, but don't always have the time to find them.

  3. Stopping by from the SITS girls Sharefest. I like posts like these, because when you find a blogger you like, its always interesting to see what THEY are reading. I have had so many new amazing blogs opened up to me this way that I never would have found myself.

  4. What a fabulous idea! The toughest thing about trying to connect is keeping up with all the awesomeness that is out there!

    And I LOVE your "selfie summary". It had me wondering if I even have enough to do that, as I was in a bad spot and backed off the selfies for a've inspired me!!!

  5. We started a similar series at More Than Mommies in 2014 --we call them our Shout-Outs. And I have to say it's been fun and it has got me reading more blogs, a resolution of mine.

    Anyway, I will look forward to reading what catches your eye in the upcoming months. I do love posts like these!! Thanks for sharing

  6. These are GREAT! I love the roundups and to see what you are reading. Thank you for sharing, friend.

  7. I love this Andrea! Especially since reading blogs is my own personal failure! :D


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