Friday, January 17, 2014

Amazing Reads: The 1/17 Edition

This week is already filled with many amazing reads and I'm not even halfway through them. So I'm starting the post early to ensure that I don't forget any!

Start yourself off by heading over to Shell's place. She's got an incredibly open and real post about transitioning from teacher to mom. So many teachers find themselves expecting their first child in the early years of teaching, and they think they know what things will be like. And they do. But they don't. Shell words it all perfectly. Even the non-teachers among us will appreciate the sentiments behind her post.

Parent? Mother? Father? Find yourself on overload and looking for the mute button for your kids sometimes? Think you're managing a noise sensitivity you might never have noticed before? Want to know you're not alone, no matter what level of noise you're dealing with and shattered by? Head on over to Giggles and Grimaces to read And there was a Hush.  It's worded in such a way that you'll see that sometimes that mute button is something we ALL look for. It's not that we want to mute our kids, exactly, but the sounds, the SOUNDS that surround them. Ahhh. It can be rough. And that's okay.

And I know I shouldn't pimp my own blog posts here, but that Hush post? It reminded me of one of my own posts from a few years ago. Which I just re-read. And loved. In a weird way. But also reminded me of sweet moments, and sad ones, and so much more. So if you're inclined, go read Anxiety is a bitch. I won't mind if you don't, but if you feel like it - go for it.

So ... there you have my reads for this week.

I'm "live" writing now, and it's January 17th. The second worst day (date) in the history of my life. I've got loads of posts discussing why and my heart just isn't in it to go down that road right now. My grief is still too fresh when it comes to losing my dad, so to talk about other losses I have experienced just isn't where my mind is working.

I just rehashed by reading the posts I've written recognizing the pain that this date has brought me over the years and in doing so I dredged up the need for deep breathing. So I'll leave it at that for now and probably come back next week with more words. Or not. I've lost people. We all have. And we all know that the pain is so hard. So powerful. On this day many years ago my father lost his mother. I lost my grandmother. And it hurt. Like hell. It was one of the few times in my life I saw my dad cry.

And now. Today. I sit and I miss him. And so the circle of life goes on. And it sucks. And so I try to find the good, because I know it's out there and I feel it and can breathe it, and so I share with you an image I created last year for my memory post, because, ha - if anyone needs it today? It's me.

* Kind of interesting side-note: Yesterday I posted a picture that almost looks just like this image. I shared it on Instagram and I love it. And so - see - there you have it - things really do come back around. Or something. Sigh.

* Also, side-note #2: If you have an amazing read you want to recommend? email me to share.

TGIF, y'all. In the worst possible way. #cheers


  1. I am finding comfort in your posts. I lost my Dad a week ago today...

  2. Oh sweet friend, I am so, so sorry. I want you to know that I think about you all the time and I pray that you know how many people love you and care for you as you are going through all of this. *hug* --Lisa

  3. You know that I'm all too aware of the blog posts discussing loss and grief and the desire to write or not to write. We're here for you, and lifting you in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing your amazing reads!

  4. Oh wow! So sorry to hear about your dad! Praying for you and sending you a big cyber (((HUG)))! I lost my mom six years ago and it's still hard at times. But thank God I've got great memories of her, they'll be with me forever! For what it's worth. I started writing her a letter every year on the anniversary of her death(telling her everything that happened that year with the grandkids, my dad, etc.). Each year writing the letter gets better. My last letter I actually laughed..IKR! It really has helped with the healing process. My sisters and I also go out on her birthday every year to her favorite restaurant to celebrate her life! Hope this helps! Keeping you in my prayers!


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