Friday, January 3, 2014

Amazing Reads. Yes. Again.

I've been off-track with my amazing reads postings of late, but hey, it's the new year, so let's start 'em up again, okay? 

Here's one I just shared on FB because it made me laugh so hard. I don't know the author and have never been to the website before, but it's worth a read anyway. Snowstorms, Then and Now.  Seriously. I cried with laughter. 

A beautiful post that I saw being shared a few times comes from over at BlogHer. The title? My Online Friendships are Real. I think many of my friends have written that very same post at some point in their blogging lives. And I agree. And love it. These connections ARE real. Just ask anyone. 

And this one is making the rounds, as well. Allison Slater-Tate is over at ScaryMommy talking about her age in This is 39. It's hilarious. And true. And holds true for 41, also. #justsayin

On a heavier note, I finally got around to reading this beautiful post by Ashley over at The Dose of Reality. Making the Cut is a tough read, but an important reminder that so many of us are not alone. After losing our loved ones there are always the tiniest of reminders that they're gone. These jabs of what they're missing. And they hurt. But we're here to support one another as we make our way through it. Together.

And one of the latest "trends" that I hope sticks around this year is the #365FeministSelfie movement. It looks and sounds odd, no doubt, but basically it's a reminder that you're beautiful, and you're entitled to share that beauty with everyone. Selfies rock and there's no shame in sharing them. So take that picture and share it wherever you'd like with that hashtag and you're good to go. Viva la Feminista has the right idea, IMO. And if you doubt my belief in the selfie, here's a recap of 2013 ... 

So - go on - snap a picture of yourself and share it! Let me know in the comments where it is if you want. Or don't. Just get out there and see yourself the way others see you. In all your beauty and realness. And rock on, my friend. Here's to a beautiful 2014. 


  1. I made a flipagram of all of my selfies from last year. Man, I take a lot of pics of myself. HA! Seriously though, if I didn't--how would I remember what a good hair day I had! :)

  2. Great round up! Off to read. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for including me in this round-up. It is much appreciated...there is something comforting in knowing that others out there relate to all of the feelings that come along with loss. Thinking of you and sending you hugs my friend.-Ashley

  4. I don't take selfies because that's when the self-criticism starts. You've inspired me to do it often in 2014. Thank you!

    Visiting from SITS ShareFest

  5. Great reads - I read and enjoyed them all. And I can say that at 45, I feel much of those same things she feels at 39...


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