Thursday, June 13, 2013

What I need to remember.

So many moments passed me by over the course of this last year.

So many memories whizzing along. Speed of light. Sound.

Headaches over homework.

Battles over what shoes to wear.

Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.

Please eat your breakfast.

Fun and fancy kid-friendly lunches.

A lost spoon.  An overreaction. I'm only human.

Sharing thankfuls.

Big dreams.

Feeling broken.

The unexpected importance of colors.


Fact or fiction?

Musical memories.

Smiles. Laughter. A year with few tears.

Except mine. Because I missed her.

Now she's home. Our summer begins.

With a 6-year-old smile to wake up with in the morning. Spend time with each day.

Mind racing, fighting bedtime each night. Thoughts, ideas, memories flowing.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

* Except camp. She WILL have camp!

* Oh, and I'd LOVE it if she'd go to bed somewhat easily. This mama isn't ready to invite Samuel L. Jackson over again.


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  1. This is beautiful. I love all your moments of memory from the year.

    Hope y'all have the best summer ever!

  2. What an eventful year, yes?
    And omigosh, six years old? They do grow up quickly!
    Thank you for linking up with us.

  3. Memories you will cherish... even the tough stuff... and I need life jacket/lake shots of my kids... just sayin'!

  4. How awesome! I'm so glad you have a nice long summer together!!! :)

  5. I remember the lost spoon post - I think the Dose Girls led me to it and it gave me chills. What a beautiful year full of beautiful memories. xo

  6. Adore that picture of your sweet that one forever! :) Love this post, is nice to reflect on where we have been from time to time.-Ashley

  7. I hope you two have an awesome summer together. And I do hope she'll go to bed early. Maybe all the fun you'll have will wear her out??!!

  8. I love your picture captions! What a wonderful year! I hope she sleeps late on everyday, but camp days.

  9. Oh how fast time flies isn't? She is adorable and those memories are precious :)

  10. A monumental year well captured. Bet the summer will be full with all sorts of amazing memories too. :)

  11. Isn't weird how our moments, the big and small ones, change so much after we have children?
    We share them.
    Everything starts anew again with summer :)
    PS. Camp is expensive yo!

  12. What a year!

    There have been moments lately when I'm ready for that Samuel L Jackson book- my boys are such nightowls!

  13. such great memories the 1st year down

  14. It's crazy how so much can happen in one year. And all the daily struggles during the school year. :)


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