Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taking pictures w. the #BlackberryZ10 #VZWA

* I have received a BlackberryZ10 phone and service to use for three months as provided to me by Verizon Wireless. This post reflects my personal experiences while using the phone and its features as a Verizon Wireless ambassador. I am not further compensated for this post. It is an honest review of the Z10's camera features. *

I went to the zoo with my daughter's kindergarten class the other day.

Pause. Take a moment to let that sink in, would you? I. Went to the zoo. On a field trip. With 20-something kindergarteners. AND three other K classes.


I did it.

And I survived!

And I brought my BlackberryZ10 phone with me. See it? *Look down!*

It's as sleek as ever, easy to use, and my absolute favorite feature is the camera. It seriously might be giving the Samsung Galaxy S3 camera a run for its money!

One of the best things about the Z10's camera is the instant touch to take a picture. You don't have to find the camera "shutter" when you want to take your shot, you just tap the screen and the picture is yours. Capture the moment immediately!

This is especially beneficial when taking pictures of children. And, as you'll see in a moment, animals.

Getting my 6-year-old to stay still for a few shots to be sure I've caught the right one is never easy. But with the Blackberry Z10 I'm in luck. I'm actually able to take a handful of pictures before she blinks. Tap - tap - tap! No fumbling for the small circle on your screen. Just hit it anywhere. I've taken pictures of myself and friends using my knuckle on the screen. Seriously. It worked!

And look at how crisp and sharp these pictures turned out:

Excuse my giant head, I was kind of close to the camera, going for the "There's an elephant right behind you!" kind of shot. And hey - it worked!

These images have only been edited to include my @goodgirlgoneredneck watermark-tag. I have not filtered or touched them up in any way. They're awesome. If I do say so myself. Keep looking ...

Do I not seem as though I am right next to the animals? I mean, if you're going by these shots, I could reach out and touch them, right? Obviously that's not true - but this camera made me really happy. I didn't even bring my regular digital camera with me. I stuck with the phone and was glad I saved myself from having to carry something extra.

I did tweak the following picture a bit because I wanted to blur out my daughter's classmates, but I love how the camera caught her looking into the water - a beautiful glow and pretty shot - as she looked for the seals, or maybe something else? I forget!

SO, if you're looking for a new phone and a great camera is a critical characteristic, I can tell you that so far the Z10 is a huge hit with me.

More on the phone's other features soon ... just stay with me and check out the #VZWA and #VZWVoices hashtags for more discussions.

* Reminder: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless ambassador program at this time. Verizon Wireless has provided me with a phone and three months of service in exchange for my honest review of the product. #VZWA #VZWVoices *


  1. Those pictures are AMAZING!! Cannot believe they came from a phone impressed! :)-The Dose Girls

  2. What?! Those photos are awesome! I lucked out and bought a real crappy...I won't say the name...I won' a bush.
    And kudos to you for braving the kids!

  3. it is actually pretty cool that you can capture the image by simply tapping the screen - even on the iPhone you need to open the camera, then click right there on the button, and by the time you've done all that you might have lost the shot!

    Also, these photos are pretty impressive for smartphone photos. Ok, I am usually not a fan of Blackberry, but I am impressed!


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