Thursday, December 20, 2012

Testing out the Windows 8X. #VZWA

If you haven't yet checked out my intro post on my new Verizon phone you can head over to this post where I am introducing the Windows 8x phone! to you all, or you can keep reading!

I'm testing out the new Verizon Windows 8x phone for the coming months. It's interesting for someone like me who hasn't used Windows in quite some time.

I had no idea what to expect. Have you seen the ads yet? The *home page* (is that the best term to use? I'm not always sure ...) is pretty cool. You can customize it to meet your needs, similarly to how you'd put your favorite apps front and center on your Android.

The customization term used is pinning, actually, which many of us who are Pinterest addicts - cough, cough, who me? - are familiar with. You can pretty much pin any of your apps or features to your start page to have them accessible as soon as you begin using your phone. You can also resize them, to highlight those you use more often, and keep the frequent but not apps smaller, but easy to find. I also liked that I was able to choose the colors that best suited me for this home page, as well. And whether I wanted a dark or light background.

So far I am still adjusting to finding apps that work for me. I'm not one who likes to spend a lot of money on apps, I'll admit that finding freebies is what I try to do and with the shift to a Windows phone I've had less luck finding apps available that I'm familiar with. And I especially like when I can share my pics in an instant, so to speak. But no fear, as Windows is working on getting us Instagram, although with the new terms of service I think Windows might end up rethinking that. Not as many addicts are going to be surrounding Instagram - maybe. We'll look for new and just as cool ways to enhance our photos! I've already tested out the Photo Enhancer app and Thumba Photo Editor.

Admittedly, I'm also still adjusting to the camera. Though I have learned that the Windows 8x has a camera with qualities and capabilities like no other when it comes to smartphones, I'm still figuring out how to capture the moments with this phone. The button on the side is awkward for me, again, it's what you're used to. But I do love that instead of having to turn on the phone, I can simply click that camera button and quickly capture the moment. No extra steps involved. I just need to figure out the kind of pressure the button needs and get more use out of it to become more familiar.

Honestly, so far my favorite feature of this phone has been the ability to Skype with it. We actually easily Skyped (is that a proper verb?) with my parents so they could watch my daughter open one of her Chanukah presents. I just propped the phone up on the kitchen table and angled it just right and it was perfectly clear and self-sustained. Nothing to it!

So the camera was definitely fantastic in that area. And I'm sure once I get more familiar with it my pictures will continue to improve, as well.

So far my best shots have been stills - of food. They don't move, so they are easy to catch and I'm busy making loads of holiday sweet treats to share, so why not, right? I was easily able to post these images to Facebook directly from the camera shots on the phone. The pictures below are not edited for quality, only for watermarking. Not like y'all are going to snag my yummy unprofessional food shots, right?

 Take a look:

So, there you have it. Another intro to the Windows 8X phone by Verizon Wireless. Hope you've enjoyed the update. Let me know if you've used it, or if you have the phone, too. Maybe we can compare notes and share tips!

*I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador Program. Verizon Wireless has provided me with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product. 


  1. YOUR PICTURES ARE GREAT! They made me hungry! (and I think they *do* look professional! When Ashley and I try to photograph food it looks all...weird and unappetizing)
    The phone sounds intriguing. I don't really understand how a windows phone is different from an Android or an iPhone per se, but you've made me want to investigate! --Lisa

  2. Good thing you watermarked them. I almost reached through the screen and grabbed one to eat. Yum!

  3. How cool! Love your yummy pics. I need to follow you on Pinterest (yes, I finally caved and got on).

  4. Taking pictures of stationary things is great with this phone, I agree. I'm still not convinced on the motion shots, though - I'll keep trying out different settings to see if I can get it.


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