Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summertime ... and the livin' is busy

I'm so excited that my friend Jana has taken over Stream of Consciousness Sundays. Although I hadn't been participating that often of late - I loved knowing that it was always there over at Fadra's house if I wanted to pop in. And I love reading over there, as well.

Anyway - today's optional prompt is summer.

I'm kind of all over the place with summer thoughts today, so here goes.

Summer for us means travel. Not always, but this year it definitely does. And what timeframe is summer, really, when you have a child who is not in school but home with you? In North Carolina the heat sets in early - often before summer is officially indicated on the calendar, and so summer has been here for us for a while now. I suppose it is how it works when you live down south-ish.

Summer this year means loads of boat rides (we went out yesterday and I have the raccoon-eyes to prove it!), camp for the kiddo ... she just finished her first week - half-days at Farm camp, I have lots to say on that matter and she starts a full week of museum camp tomorrow, full-days and there's lots to say and think there, too. That'll likely be another post, as five minutes is not nearly enough ...

And where was I? Oh, yes, summer.


Good G-d, I thought I would melt yesterday. We were out on the water and I was hot. With a capital H.  Whew. Even with the breeze off the lake it was crazy hot. I melted some. But I survived.

Summer also means more exercise. More movement. And yet - sometimes not. It's hot, man. I'm melting. Didn't you get that part from the sentences I already shared? Yes, I'm a wimp in the heat. So it also means constant 100% all of the time AC. Except when we're in Maine. Have I mentioned it's been a while sinc we headed way North for the summer trip and I'm really looking forward to it but I'm also hoping that it's not like the one summer we were there and the fans and the breeze off the water were just not enough for someone like me - who melts easily? No - well, yeah, there's that.

* breaking the rules of the link up to add a picture here. just cause.

OK, my five minutes are up and I haven't even mentioned my weight, which is what I really wanted to write about this morning so I thank Jana for the prompt that enabled me to not b!tch about the scale going up yet again after I worked out EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the past FIVE DAYS. What the WHA? Yeah. Stay tuned. I'm sure I'll share that tomorrow.

Thanks, Jana.

Thanks, y'all. Now head on over to Jana's Thinking Place by clicking the button above (no links in the post today - it's part of my rule for the no-editing aspect of this brain dump) and link up if you'd like.


  1. Being a NC resident, transplanted from Michigan, I can say I have still not gotten used to the heat starting in April and not ending until November. It's hot everywhere this summer so none of us can hide...but lordy.... I am melting. We have not ventured out to the beach yet. Maybe October looks good for that.

    It's so easy to burn out on the water too but it sounds like those are great summer memories you are making.

  2. The camps your kid goes to sound really awesome! Can't wait to read more about those.

  3. Museum camp - I love it. It reminds me of my summers in archaeology camp and astronomy camp.

    Smart. Girls. Rock.

  4. The heat is just brutal this year. Next week, may you lose a pound a day!

  5. I totally get it. Muscle does weigh more, but it's so frustrating, isn't it?

  6. Inspired that you worked out every day. I will I will I will begin! So hot here, maybe water aerobics!

    Anyway - the other day I described "redneck" to an Austrian visitor. She was so cute, trying to figure it out. Then we went walking around a campground. I think she got it then. LOL.

  7. Growing up summer meant lots of long distance road trips to visit family. We crammed into an un air conditioned station wagon and drove across country.

  8. Too much heat here in NC. Just TOO MUCH! Like you said it starts in early and lingers on late in the year. Pooey!

    And pooey on the scale, but it could be muscle!

  9. I agree with Liz.... it has to be muscle!!

    The heat is terrible here in Michigan too... and then of course we have the humidity which is the worst!


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