Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Random musings

I'm going with all the news that's fit to type today. Hoping the NY Times is cool with me borrowing and shaping their tagline to suit my needs. I'm thinking they won't see my little corner of the blogosphere anyway and nobody will care. Right? Right!

Moving on ...

Kiddo is off to her second day of museum camp. It was a lot of fun yesterday and though she loved farm camp, this is SO MUCH BETTER. For me. For her. For husband. Seriously. Talk about night and day. So different. So well structured. So organized. So safe.

Yes, a mom wants to know her child is safe when she leaves her with you - it's not that much to ask, right? Not that I ever felt her life was in danger - I wouldn't have left her if I had - but I did worry that she wasn't being well supervised. So there's that.

Anyway, this situation is like a million times better and I'm already relaxed. Kinda sorta.

And if we're friends on FB, whatevs, peeps. I only said I needed a Xanax. I made it through the day without one!

I shocked myself when she was at camp last week and have not been reading as much as expected. I'm in-between books right now, though I do have a review I must get to (the book arrived yesterday) and that's pretty much it. I recently read Wild, the new Oprah Book Club book, and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Oprah's been letting me down since way back when. Her book club ROCKED in the beginning and then we hit a few sour notes and parted ways. I'm back in the fold, Ms. O. Let's see if you can keep me there!

Oh! We got half our garage back! My brother-in-law came and picked up our old boat, so now the agenda includes me getting a freezer chest like I've always kind of wanted and hoping I can take advantage of when veggies and ice cream are on sale by stocking up. I won't even begin to pretend that I'll be doing meal prep or anything, because we all know that those tend to stay in the freezer for like 900 years until I completely forget about them and that's just a waste of time. Energy. And food. Which adds up to money. Which I'd hate to waste.

By the way - does anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

I've been doing a lot of thinking about blogging of late. After Type-A Parent Conference in June and with BlogHer creeping up on me here I've got a lot on my mind. I feel as though I'm crossing roads - though not at an actual crossroads here. I'm trying to revamp the homepage of my blog in my head while keeping my design, and that's an interesting task to work at. My posts are fewer this summer but I'm happy about that. I just read what others write about and think to myself - would I go in that direction, too? Is this something I want to do? I don't know what I want from blogging except to continue to have an outlet for myself. And sort of see from there. A lot of people seem to be headed to BlogHer with a focus on marketing themselves and making connections. The connections sound awesome and I want those, too, but I'm more focused on the people attending than the brands. I want to meet those brands but I think I'm feeling burned out a bit. I met a few at Type-A and reached out, but it's so massive, even at such a small conference. I put myself out there, think I showed my true colors and that's enough and then, well, nothing. Not much. I know there is still time, but I guess we'll see.

August should be interesting, that's for sure.

I had one more thing to say and my dog decided that he wanted in for himself and his sister, so that went out the window, or the door when I opened it, I think.


So, what's news by you? Anything exciting? What's been your take on blogging and the like of late? Are you happy where you are? Looking for more? Fill me in so I can remind myself I'm not the only one who is just sort of going with whatever flow grabs hold of me and trying to enjoy the ride!


  1. Glad camp is going well. Mine are at camp at church this week. I'm not a Opraph book club fan, and am currently read-less. I made my way through everything a certain someone left me as well as Mary Kay Andrew's new book, which I whipped through in a day...love her!

    I'm feeling the need for change over at my blog too, but I don't have the time and am not sure which way to go... a lunch date when you get back perhaps?

  2. I've been slowly making a change on my blog... I'm moving into doing more PR work. I want to start actually making some money and using my blog as a launching point for a new career!

  3. I like your blog design, it's fun. Personally, I'm not all about branding or marketing myself and therefore I get a bit put off when I see it on other blogs. I know it's personal preference, but seeing adverts all over blogs just ruins it for me.

    Anyway, glad camp is going well. :)


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