Sunday, February 26, 2012

The numbers. Do they matter?

... sometimes. Sometimes they do.

I'm recapping for a minute. And the reason I'm doing that is because I use LoseIt to track my weight loss and changes, but it doesn't give me an exact chart of where I am at based on previous weigh ins.

Anyway - I'm looking at this and yes, I started in January officially with friends that are doing a challenge (we have two more weeks left, if I could even POSSIBLY hit 10 lbs before those weeks are up I might cry. But again, it's not about the numbers. Only today - for this post - it is!).

So. I weighed in this morning and am .6 lbs down. It's minimal, but I'm happy. I'm PMSing and I'm lame after a non-workout filled few weeks. And yet it still went down. So? I'm elated.

And last week I lost a pound. 1.6 down.

Week before? 1.2 lbs down = 2.8. Before that? 2 lbs. Total = 4.8.

January 29th I weighed in and stayed the same. It stung a little bit, but I still felt good. At least I hadn't gained, right?

Go back a week and I was down 2.8 lbs. Total = 7.6.

Week before that? 1.2. 8.8? Impossible. And yet - there it is. 8.8 pounds down since this challenge started. It's not 20. It's not 15, even. But it's closing in on 10! And do you remember my goal of 12 for the year? 12 before I turn 40? I hope to hit that and maybe then some. AND keep it off. Which is honestly even more important. But I digress ...

And before that? Before this challenge was "official," and I started some personal food charting? I went up almost 2 lbs, and gained back what I initially lost. Bummer, right?

 But look at how screwy the body can be. I weighed in on December 5th, and gained 7.5 pounds since I had last logged my weight in October. I was going through some physical stuff at that time, so it didn't surprise me, although it made me sad. Then I stepped on the scale on December 15th, ten days later, and dropped 5.5 of it. Amazing, isn't it? Believe me. That change is probably what prompted me to get on track. Isn't it amazing how the number means a lot, and sometimes when it goes up - which is when we should focus on CHANGE - we say to ourselves, screw it! And we move ahead and don't care. Or pretend we don't.

When in reality that's when we care the most.

Instead I waited to see that bloat or whatever it was start to go away. And it did.

So, in reality I'm probably just under 15 pounds down since early December. I'm elated. Shocked. Happy. Thrilled. But I'm also briefly focusing on that 8.8 number. With hopes I can get rid of 1.2 more pounds in the next two weeks, just to say, for the first time in YEARS, that I did a weight loss challenge and actually lost some weight. A good amount.

Now, how much weight do I have to lose to go down a size? Can anyone remind me?

Now, back to me for a moment. 8.8? It isn't much. It doesn't look like an exciting number.

But for someone like me who is always at it. Always working and hoping and wishing and losing steam in the middle of all of that ... well, for someone like me 8.8 might as well be flashing in bright lights over my head. Might as well be tattooed on my arm. (In henna, of course!)

And after an entire post about numbers and why they sometimes matter - I leave you with this image from Pinterest, I'd love to provide you with the actual url, but when I click through it brings me to a google images page. Boo. I'll try to find it, though!

Yes. YES I AM.

And so are you.

Peace out, my friends. Stay healthy and stay motivated!


  1. I tell ya, when the numbers go down little by little it never feels fast enough, but it IS progress for sure!!! Stay motivated!

    Hey, I tagged you in the 11 Random Things meme!  Come by my site and check it out.  It's fun.  I never know who likes to participate in tags or not, so if you don't prefer to do it, that's ok!

  2. Keep on! Keep on! You can do it!

    Damn those scales. I hate 'em. But when they reveal smaller numbers, they become less evil, don't they?

  3. I know all too well about the numbers battle. I'm a product of the 80's...when the numbers mattered...I starved myself to see certain numbers on the scale. So I battle constantly now with being ok with what the numbers say and try to focus on how clothes fit. When I was married and able to work out...everyday...I noticed inches gone and weight gained (muscle weighs more than fat). I tried to be happy...but the numbers climbing freaked me out lol. The older I get (closing in on 40 this year) the more my body changes.
    I think you're doing a great job momma!! And that Loseit App in the bane of my existence...I'm totally a slacker there lol

  4. You are doing so well! I go up and down. Right now I am going up!

  5. When I'm PMS'ing I always gain so that's fantastic that you actually lost! You have been sticking with this challenge in such a healthy, reasonable way. Bravo!

  6. I love that pic of the scale! Good for you for your progress and for writing about it. I think it helps to know that so many other women go through the ups and downs of scale numbers! I feel motivated by you! Thanks! :)

  7. Way to go! Sometimes the numbers are low but they do add up. You are doing great! Thanks for the kind words on my weight loss post too.

  8. yes we are. yes we are more. Thank you for the reminder! I attach way too much importance to this.

    thank you darling, for bringing sanity and inspiration into my life once again!

    love ya girl!

  9. I'm going to paint my scale to look like that picture. How many times can a person lose the "same" 20 pounds? Every year almost for me. Love your blog. Following you from JDaniels'sMom - great blog too. Hope you'll visit my blog: Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents:

  10. I just noticed your quote from Marjorie Pay Hinckley. I have the same button on my blog. You might like my book "Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty-Treats for Teachers and Parents" - has quotes from church leaders.

  11. You are right, the number isn't the most important thing, being healthy is, but if the numbers keep you motivated, it IS important.

    I think going down a size depends on your body... or if you are like me, whether or not you wear the correct size. I just kept squeezing into the same too small clothes, so I never actually went up a size, even though I should have... therefore, I am techinically still in the same size clothes, but now there is room in there with me ;-)


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