Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let's Play!

I was lucky enough to be picked as a participant by Mommy Parties for their Mega Bloks party recently. My daughter had the opportunity to test out a huge set of Mega Bloks, and she loved it. She was excited to have something so fun and new around to engage with. But what was honestly even more fun was having her friends over to play.

This was the first time in a while I had so many little ones in my house. My daughter is four, she'll be five in February. Her friends that came over to play with us were of various ages (3, 4, almost 5), but many of them had siblings under a year old.

While Mega Bloks easily covered the span of age groups in my house, the items I received were more geared towards children younger than my daughter's age. So it turned out to be great that so many smaller kids were in attendance, as they seemed to enjoy the products more than the older ones did.

Some of the older kids enjoyed playing with the large farm set we received, and my daughter was thrilled to dig into it, but it hasn't kept her attention as much as a product for older children would have. I must admit that I think that this party should have been geared towards the 3 year old and younger crowd, as the younger children were able to play with the product, AND the goodie bags to bring home were perfect for them.

The party was sponsored by Thomas & Friends, but I did not receive any Thomas products to review so I cannot speak to the quality or durability of them. I am sure that they are just as well made as the regular Mega Bloks and can withstand a chewing or a tossing, and some heavy duty building, as well!

The party overall was a lot of fun, but I think
(as you can tell) that the ages 3+ missed the mark on who should have qualified to host. I applied based on my child's age, and was happy to hand out coupons and samples and even a prize to my mommy-friends who attended, but I think that the items I received to review and party with were more for the younger children.
I think if you have a little one aged three and under you would absolutely find that they will love these kinds of products. The blocks are big enough that your little ones can gnaw on them but can't fit them in their mouths, and the way that they fit together is easy enough that building things can be a cinch for tiny hands.

** I was not compensated in any way for this post. I did receive a product to review from Mega Bloks and Mommy Parties, and my guests received small backpacks of bloks to take home for their little ones. All opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own. **


  1. The links given in this post were nice!!! I think you people had great time.

  2. A lot of people have been doing these parties lately - they do sound fun!


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