Friday, October 14, 2011

Inked ...

I stand in front of the mirror.

Bare flesh.

Standing and staring.

I can hear her crying in the other room.

Softly, though. Not loud. Not screaming. Not wailing.

Just enough time for me to take things in. Zone out the sound.


I stare some more.

I turn sideways. Looking. Never breaking contact.

My eyes follow my body as I turn. And turn again.


Over four years later I turn to my daughter and explain.

She hasn't noticed it before, but she is going to see her daddy.

He'll have marks of his own now.

Appendectomy. She knows something was taken out.

I explain that there will be marks on his skin.

Will there be Band Aids?

Do children care about much else? Band Aids heal all.

I don't know.

I show her. I share.

This is where you came out of my belly.

She is fascinated.

I did?


And how big was I?

I motion with my hands ...

About this big, I tell her.

How big were my feet?

I tickle her feet. Motion to chop them a bit. She laughs.

We talk. We l
ook at various parts of her body and I reflect as best I can.

Can I see again?

I tug at my waistband. Lift up the pouch a bit.


She points. I nod. Yes.

Did you have Band Aids?

We laugh.

We move forward.
Onto something else.

But me ... I am forever inked with the memory.


  1. I love this take on the prompt. Just lovely.

  2. oh hey! I have that tattoo too! :)

    This was a super great way to attack this prompt. Love it!

  3. Great twist and very poignant. I know this has been a rough week!

  4. Still sitting with goosebumps. Save this. She will love reading it later.



  5. Love this take, girl!

    Beautifully written vignettes- poetic, really.

  6. Our scars are tattoos, aren't they?

    This was like heartbeats or blinks, the click of a shutter for every phrase. The structure made me pause to take in your words.

  7. Lovely! I just had a c-section earlier this year with my first child and. though I have more "traditional" tattoos, this scar definitely is now my fave. :-) Thanks for putting some of my feelings into words!


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