Monday, October 17, 2011

Friends You Love: Guest Posts Everywhere!

Hey, everybody - - I'm not here today. I'm actually posting over at Jackie's place so I hope you'll go by and say hi to her and check out the yummy fall recipe I've shared for her Menu Monday post this week.

But first, stick around and check out this cool craft my friend Jamie has in store for you all today. Seriously. Don't think you're in the wrong 'hood. You're not. I promise!

And when you get a chance follow up with
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Hello to all the Good Girl readers out there! My name is Jamie and I am the sometimes inspired, occasionally creative, and almost never still voice over at Mama.Mommy.Mom. I live my life totally stressed out and in-over-her-head, as a wife, mom and professional nothing who cooks, takes pictures and blabs about the adventures of raising my kids.

My two cuties are Cullen, my 2 year old boy, and Addison, my almost 5 year old girl. Addison is very into crafts and art, so she always has some grand project on her mind. She's been proficient at using my iPhone for a while, but recently developed an affinity for YouTube. She discovered that she can find projects there, and that's where the idea for today's project came from.

Trick or Treat Halloween Soaps

These soaps are so easy to make, it's a bit scary! There are parts that need adult assistance, but for the most part, this is a very kid friendly craft too!

The Supplies (all available at your local craft store):

Clear Glycerin Soap

Silicone Cupcake Pan

Skin Safe Soap Color

Small surprises to go inside the soap

We totally lucked out and found a silicone cupcake pan that had a pumpkin shape, but any shape you want to use will work fine.

First things first, pop out the soap block onto a cutting board. The soap is already pre-scored into cubes. Using a knife, cut the soap into individual cubes along the score lines. The soap is dense, but the knife cuts in fairly easy.

For each soap, you'll using the equivalent of 3 cubes of the glycerin. Because of the shape of our pan, we decided to chop the blocks down a bit smaller so they'd pile up a little better, but each cup still only contained the 3 cubes allotted per soap. The pan goes straight into the microwave to melt the soap. There's no messing pouring with this project! Depending on your microwave, it'll take between 1 and 1-1/2 minutes for the cubes to melt down completely. We only did three at a time, just so getting it in and out of the microwave wouldn't be so tricky. Once melted, carefully remove the pan from the microwave and move it to the counter.

This is the point where you'll want to color your soap. There are many, many soap colors available but we chose to buy a pack of primary colors and do a little mixing. It made for a great opportunity to practice color concepts. Once you drop in your coloring, you'll want to give each soap a careful stir. Since this is soap, it'll wash right off! You can use a spoon to stir or do like we did and grab a disposable drinking straw.

Once you've mixed in the color, it's time to drop in you surprises. We chose a bag of assorted Halloween rings. Just drop one into each soap and give it a little push into the melted soap with the spoon/straw. It'll float back up a little, and that's fine. Once the surprises are inside, simply leave the pan sitting on the counter for the soaps to cool. Once the pan is completely cool to the touch, you can flip it over and pop your soaps right out.

The pan can be washed when you finish with the soaps and used over and over again for anything from crafts to cooking.You could even use the pan to make shaped ice cubes with water and food coloring!

I hope you enjoyed this craft and will stop by and visit me at Mama.Mommy.Mom.

Thanks for sharing such a fun craft with us, Jamie. I'm so glad to have you come spend some time in my neck of the woods! If anyone has any questions about the craft feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll drag Jamie back here to help answer them.


  1. These are super cute! What fun it will be to wash up using them.

  2. What a great idea! I am thinking of letting the girls do this for their friends for Christmas! Love love love it! Thanks for the hook up! Over from Friends You Love!


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