Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stream of Consciousness: I'm still here

I seriously think I am getting a cold and it stinks. I woke up this morning (it is Saturday night as I type/write this) and I was coughing a bit and I am, as usual, pretty stuffy. My kiddo had a cold last week, so I hope I'm not really getting something. I want to go swimming tomorrow! I want to get back into our Sunday routine. It's been a few weeks. At least two, but maybe three, I guess it was three Sundays ago that we went, so it's three weeks. Anyway, I miss the water. Honest, I do.

I'm also in the mood to move. You know. Move my body. I'm here, but I don't move nearly as much as I would like, and I'm hoping that this week is a good kick-start to getting me on track to moving some more. Even if it is inside the house. That's what the Wii and Wii Fit are for, right? I'm #NIntendoEnthused and I should move it!

I like to move it - move it!

How memories flash at me now and then, like lyrics to a song, it's pretty funny how it all works. The mind. It's a brain dump, like this meme, and yet, it's all connected. A long-strawn (is that a word, I don't think it is but I will leave it anyway) drawn out tangent. And it keeps going and going, on and on. It's fun, but at night when I just want to go to sleep it's really quite the pain in the a$$. Seriously. Almost literally because if I lay there that long with various aches and pains and complaints my a$$ will eventually be among them. The complaints. Or the reasons I complain, that is.

Anyway - my five minutes are almost up and I wasn't in the mood to post today so I decided to do this tonight and can face the week freshly tomorrow. Or tomorrow night. Or whenever actually works for me.

I hope you all had a good weekend, and that you got to do whatever it was you wanted or had planned to do. And I hope I get to go swimming tomorrow. Just like I finally got the chocolate chip pancakes I wanted last weekend when we went to IHOP for dinner last night! Finally! Yum. Best. Dinner. Ever!

p.s. My "E" key still sucks.



Sunshine said...

I love IHOP!

Monika said...

So with you on needing to move more... Beyond keeping up with my Preschooler. Hope you find the time & energy to get it done :-)

Crystal @ PoM said...

Good luck with getting moving! That can be a major struggle!

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