Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Night Blues?

Eden Cafe

Every now and then I start feeling kind of meh. In the winter it's all about staying warm and wearing layers. In the summer it's too dang hot to do much of anything. Spring and fall are lovely, but they seem to disappear so quickly down here in NC.

So I think to myself, what can I do to make me feel better? Buying myself something fun, flirty and pretty helps. So does pampering myself. And at EdenFantasys you can find something to work for both of those ideas.

One thing I love about their pretty and flirty outfits is that they have choices in many sizes. So you don't have to be super tiny to look and feel sexy! Check out this beautiful mesh babydoll with panty and it's only $25.99! That's so incredibly affordable it shocks me.

And if you want to spend a bit more and go a little bit more high maintenance, check out his bow mesh corset ensemble here! That is just beautiful. I'm not sure I'd be able to finagle my way into it, but what's that matter, right? It's down right hot!

If you're feeling a little dull because you haven't gotten ahold of your summer tan yet, a little shimmer cream will help you shine a bit and make you sparkle as you get ready for a fun night. It's actually good for your skin, too! The description explains that it has both,
vitamin E and carrot oil to revitalize skin. So you get all sparkly, too! So if you're in the mood for some discreet shopping, follow any of these links and head on over to the EdenFantasys website. You'll find all these products and more for your enjoyment!

* I have not yet been compensated for this post, but was promised an EdenFantasys giftcard if my post meets the blogging requirements. I am not reviewing their entire website here, or any specific products, I'm just promoting what I think might be some great products to purchase for a good ole' gal like me! (And some of my readers, too!)*


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