Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stream of Consciousness: How do you think?

I'm participating in Stream of Consciousness Sunday today over at All Things Fadra.

Check it - check it - check it out.

It's 5:27 on Sunday and my daughter's fourth birthday party was last night. It was a lot of fun, but my goodness did it go crazy fast. At one point my husband turned to me and said, 'It's 20 to Seven,' and my response was to look at him with my pretty hazel eyes and say, 'WHAT?' I nearly lost my mind. How was it possible that our party was almost over? We hadn't even had cake or said happy birthday yet. Sang, I meant to write sang. But I'm not allowed to edit here, though I actually cheated and went back to fix my semi-sort of-quotation marks. Hope that is OK. If not, ah - well - what can I do? I'm done. By the time you read this I will have hit publish, ya know?
Anyway, her party was - for HER - LOADS of fun. We had it at a play place with a crazy swing-set type of play area INSIDE. All sorts of awesome-sauce.

Have I mentioned how although I sort of hate the word awesome, and kind of get the chills and feel ill when I use it (not nearly as badly as when I read the word [if you can even CALL it that] *prolly* - which you saw me complain about recently if you follow me on Twitter), I really and truly enjoy the word awesome-sauce.

I do. Maybe that makes me a dork, or something, but I kind of jumped on the awesome-sauce bandwagon.

And so, back to the party with a minute or so to go. It was fun for me, too, and I got to see some friends I hadn't in ages, or practically in ever [I'm lookin' at YOU, Single Mom in the South - link to be added after the 5 minutes are up ... eta. you can find her here] and I really think overall it was lots of fun.

And my parents left this AM, and my ILs leave tomorrow, and we're all alive, happy and totally well. And so - at 5:32 PM, I bid Stream of Consciousness Sunday farewell.


p.s. I've got this in the oven right now, so if you're trying to find something to make for dinner this week, trust me, you'll want to check it out. If it's good enough for me to serve to my mother-in-law, it's good enough for your family, too. I promise! ;)


  1. Sounds like a very fun party. With a side of awesome-sauce!

    Checking out the recipe!

  2. New blog design, eh? Love it! And yrs. I saw you tweet about prolly but maybe you didn't read my post about words that ends in -sauce. In any case, happy birthday to your baby girl!

  3. I hate 'prolly'! But I may be guilty of doing probly. Just once or twice.
    I'm glad the party went well! Sounds like a perfect 4 year old birthday party.


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