Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I am making it in just under the wire to join the ladies of SITS to link up my holiday cards and celebrate the 12 Days of SITSmas!

My cards have started arriving at the homes of friends and family, so I'm good to go without making this post be a spoiler for anyone.

As always, I have found a way to hide the face of the husband. He honestly doesn't care if I show him off at this point, but it's almost too funny to do it this way. Check out the cool "art" I found on picnik.com ... doesn't he look great?

As always, my cards are done through Shutterfly. The place I go for all my photo needs.

Enjoy! And Happy Holidays!


  1. Great cards! Love the hubby's "accessories", lol! :-)

  2. The cards are great, I still have not done mine!

  3. Oh those are beautiful. I love picnik!!!
    We actually did ours through WalMart this year and I used the 10 free cards I won from you to hand out with the gifts we give on Christmas day!

  4. Great card! Love how you hid the hubby! LOL!

  5. Love your husbands disguise...it reminds me of Mr. Potato Head. :-)

  6. I love Picnik - I found those mustaches just the other day and wished I had a good photo to use them on!


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