Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simply-Bags: Product Review

I was approached a while ago to review a monogrammed bag from Simply-Bags and time and my brain cells drifted away from me and I never got in touch with them.

Fortunately, when I did reach out regarding their offer, the bag they wanted me to review had been switched. What kind of luck was that - I wound up with this cute
Monogrammed Tote Bag! My "A" is in silver, but this is the stock photo they have on their website - perfect, right?
This bag is really pretty. And super soft. The velvet-y feel is so cozy I want to lay down and nap on it. Which, to be honest, I probably totally could do! It's way bigger than I expected, which is perfect to hold pretty much anything and everything you could dream of putting in there.

We all know that even though we moms are thrilled to get rid of the diaper bags we still carry the army of motherhood supplies and then some in our bags. I know for me, without showing you everything, I can easily tell you that I carry wipes, an extra pair of pants/underwear (sometimes a shirt) for my daughter (oh, what? You thought it was going to be for me!?!), a reusable sandwich bag that is my not-really-cosmetics case, keys, glasses, contact lens case, pens (900 but never one that works!), sometimes a book, sometimes my iPod. Should I go on? The bag holds it all. And seriously, I could probably fit the iPad in this tote.

It's really roomy and thus far seems pretty stable. I'm normally not one to go for monogramming, but that's one thing about this site, it's not going to cost you extra to have whatever product you choose monogrammed. How great is that? I'll tell you - it's pretty great. And that is huge down here in the South, as monogramming is alive and well, in a big way!

I will admit that sometimes I wish the straps were a little bit longer. But that's mostly me and my indecisiveness when it comes to bags. I'm addicted, you know, and always on the search for the perfect bag. The one that I'll use forever. And on my search I must have more and more test runs to ensure I don't miss anything ...

I'm totally eyeing this travel bag (what's with me and red, I know! But looks like they only have brown left ... chocolate is nice, definitely ...) right now because it looks like something I would love to have.

And this large tote is also really cute. And only $29.99!

Anyway, if you get the chance you should definitely take a look at their website. If you take a look you'll see that most items take 2-3 business days to ship, which is amazing. And that means you could totally order one in time for Christmas ... as a gift for someone, or for yourself! And if you can't decide before the 25th you can totally find yourself that perfect New Years Eve bag just for you. So head on over to today!

I received a tote bag for use and review from All opinions in this review are my own. I was not asked to post about other products on their site, just to honestly review the one I received, but their stuff is so cute I couldn't help myself!


  1. They really do have some cute, cute bags!

  2. I totally have a thing for love LOVE Them. And this red one really catches my eye.

    Va va vooom!

  3. OH! OH! I WANT ONE I WANT ONE!!!! Those are too cute!

  4. Those bags are cute! I see your book challenge int he sidebar. Have you made it to 100?


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