Thursday, August 19, 2010

I needed to take a moment ...

So if you're on Twitter and/or in the Blogosphere, you must have seen the ridiculous story that AOL posted yesterday with a so-called expert on Postpartum Depression.

It took me a few minutes to catch up with what had happened, but apparently this "expert" expressed opinions that PPD is a "crock" ... or that it doesn't truly exist. Really? I mean, REALLY? I'm not sure what is worse, the fact that someone so ignorant could say such a thing, or the fact that AOL, which has it's own health SECTION covering Postpartum Depression, could allow such a quote to be released on their behalf.
Here is the article, with said quotes removed, AOL News Story.

You can find some of the actual quote here, on Postpartum Progress.

And even worse, you can find not just the details, but a response from this "expert" over at Pretty Babies.

I am amazed and completely appalled that this woman would say something like this:

I am not ignorant of your argument for PPD and I am not saying in some rare case such a thing could exist based on chemical issues. Generally speaking, I don't buy the chemical imbalance theory for any depression; I believe people just don't want to deal with real life issues and the fact that sometimes life is simply depressing and damn difficult. It isn't about chemical imbalance but tough times and our own issues.
Pat Brown
Investigative Criminal Profiler

Just completely amazed. Has this woman ever considered what mothers with postpartum depression experience? Has she ever spoken to one or many of us? Has she ever experienced it herself?

She is NOT a doctor. She is an Investigative Criminal Profiler. Whatever that means. That is not enough to make a *diagnosis* on women everywhere who -- although we don't know the actual situation with this mother who killed her children -- suffer various levels of postpartum depression, anxiety and yes, even psychosis. Women who experience so much pain after the birth of their babies that their entire worlds are changed forever. And not with the simple joy of becoming a mom, but with so much more.

If you have recently had a baby, or ever had a baby and believe you may have experienced symptoms of Postpartum Depression, PLEASE, please do not listen to this person. Please recognize that you are not alone. This is REAL. REAL as the day is long. Real as the sun comes up every morning (even on rainy days) and real as the air we breathe. Read the stories that are out there. Share yours if you have one.

We're here to support you, and you'll be amazed at the network out there that knows where you are coming from.

Take a look at the list compiled over at Postpartum Progress here to find people just like you, people in support of you, all across the blogosphere and Twitterland.

We're out there, and we're here to listen, and share.

And as for Pat Brown, the expert who should have remained nameless for her own sake, until you know ME, or other mothers like me ... and until you have walked a mile or more in my flip-flops, how DARE you speak of something so important and critical with such a tone. The air of arrogance you express nauseates me, and on that note, I shall hit publish. To remind others who have been where I have been that we're all in this together. To remind mothers who are now where I was, or beyond, that they are not alone, that support exists for them, and that people like you are ignorant ------ BLEEPS.


  1. Preach it, Andrea! I wrote an email to Pat and to AOLNews telling them I was disgusted that such false and hurtful comments were allowed to be made from an international platform. The ignorance astounded me. Thank you for speaking out and doing your part to put a stop to this crap.

  2. Why was this woman even quoted? I know nothing about brain surgery. Hurry! Someone over here to interview me about the latest in brain tumors!!

  3. I know...this must irk you as much as me...I cant even believe she would venture out to show herself as such an..A--h----.....being in the mental health field as you ...I know you are feeling sickened by all mothers should...they should be ashamed over there..!

  4. I hadn't heard that, but...Wow. I don't understand some people. Great post.

  5. I hadn't seen that, but OMG, it makes me furious. Your post is a perfect response, and I'm glad you posted it!


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