Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What if ...

You woke up one morning and found out you could go ABSOLUTELY ANYWHERE you wanted, all expenses paid, private jet, free food, drink, massages, and basically whatever you wanted?

Would you ...

* Go alone? or bring your husband and daughter [your version of family] with you?

* Go somewhere warm or cold? [examples welcome]

* Tell people where you were going?

* Go somewhere brand new? Or a place you'd been before?

* Bring your own stuff or buy all new when you got there?

* Bring a book or two to read, or tons of trashy magazines?

As I am sitting here watching my daughter watch Coraline, and the wind is blowing so hard outside that we woke up to find a tree had split our backyard fence (more on that later!) and my parents remain snowed in in NYC, well, I find myself saying ... wouldn't it be nice IF ...

No true answers here just yet. I'm just doing the hypothetical and figured I'd ask if anyone wanted to share. Happy Hump-Day!


  1. Not really a good day for me to be entertaining this what if. I might decide to run away. ;)

  2. I might enter the Witness Protection Program and move to a deserted tropical island.

  3. I'd definitely bring the family... if I could have whatever I wanted, then I could have a nanny when I wasn't up for wiping up poo!

    The place in the picture looks nice and warm, i'll go there.

    I'll have the hotel bring everything I need to my room and charge it to whoevers paying for this mess of a time and I don't think I'd need books because sitting under the warm sun, I would probably fall asleep.

    I'm somewhat sad that I don't really get to go though :(

  4. I would bring my family and all my friends...well all my real friends. LOL

    I have always wanted to go to Australia, but there's no way I can afford it unless someone picked up the tab for me. I would bring a few things with me, but if it's all expenses paid then why not buy a few new things there too. I would have to bring a book or two with me, because that is one long a$$ flight, but then all my friends and family would be with me. Like anyone would ever give me a moment's piece to actually read! LOL

    Fun topic!

  5. I would love to go to Hawaii. It would be absolutely wonderful!

  6. Since I am sruck in the same miserable snow storm as your parents here in NYC...I will play along.

    I would love to go to St. Maarten
    -with my sister
    -definitely it would be warm there
    -I've never been there
    -buy all new stuff...just bring a small carry on bag
    -one book and tons of trashy magazines

    I wish!
    I wish!
    I wish!

    I hope this snow stops soon!
    Happy Wednesday!

  7. I would love to go to Hawaii and bring my family.

  8. I would love to go to Russia, and plan on going next year. I am going with my best girlfriend because my husband has a big fat ZERO desire to go. I know this sorta digresses from your questions, but there you have it.

  9. I'd go to Europe w/ my Hubs, leave the kids at home. Would buy all new things there. I wouldn't tell anyone (except the people taking care of my kids!!). I'd bring books AND trashy mags!

  10. Awesome question! There are so many places that I want to go. Right now, maybe Hawaii. I'd just hop on a plane with the bare minimum and buy whatever I need when I get there. Oh yes, massages...

    Truthfully, if it were feasible, I'd just go with the hubs and leave the kids here. but I'm too neurotic about being away from my kids for very long at the ages their at, so that wouldn't happen.

  11. I would go someplace warm. I would not bring my children. I might not come back.


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