Friday, February 12, 2010

Swap = Much Fun!

So, I participated in a blog package swap hosted by Kelly at 3 Kids, a Mini-Van and a Lot of Love recently, and traded packages with Lisa over at Two Bears Farm and the Three Cubs. It was really cool to get a nice pack of goodies for my lil one, including some treats for me, too ... (she sent me THREE BOOKS! Heaven!)

Here's my daughter digging through the box:

With a new snack holder, revolutionary,
and fun, too!

Mini Play-Doh!!!

Little People Doctors and a new Elmo
[I swear his eyes are ALWAYS SCARY!] towel!

This book is SO cool that I am hiding it from her
so she doesn't use it all at once ... ;)

And the piece de' resistance ...

There were also some other goodies in there that I didn't get to take shots of, mostly because she dug right in! One of the items is going to be my very first GIVEAWAY. Nope, I'm not giving away MINE, but Lisa is going to send one to one of my lucky readers. More on that to come next week.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about how this incredible mom survives a life of work, motherhood and also finds the time to RUN, and I mean seriously, the woman runs marathons! What? How is that even possible? She's a mother of TWINS, no less. Sigh. I'm so un-motivated. Is that even a word? Sigh. You should go check her out ... and run, don't walk, over to her blog ... tee hee, I made a punny, didn't I?

As always, your favorite dork ...

p.s. If, by chance, you're interested in participating in an upcoming swap, Kelly is hosting one soon that's a grown-up geared one, which should be fun fun FUN!!!


  1. Awww, look how cute she is! Glad she had so much fun. We have really enjoyed your goodies as well. :-)

  2. The model is awesome! Reminds me of those "Price is Right" chicks! LOL! Congrats on getting some fun stuff in the mail. It IS one of the best parts of blogging- meeting people and getting the surprises Moms NEVER get.

  3. That swap looks like a lot of fun - what a terrific idea.


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