Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kool Aid Mix + Water = Painting Fun

That actually adds up to a bit of a mess, stained red fingers [it doesn't really come off!] and one happy kid!


  1. Oh how fun......we used pudding last time for fingerpainting (outside) and it was soooo fun but sooo messy! :-)

  2. Memories. I remember little ones in highchairs playing with whipped cream on the tray. Yup...did pudding and jello too. In the bath it was shaving cream. Heard about koolaid playdough. Never tried it. Sooo fun. Holly

  3. I haven't ever heard of this actually. But that's not a shocker considering I am not a realy crafty type. I better get on the ball with it.

  4. What a great idea.
    I've done this with Trin a couple of times.
    And you're right,
    that crap DOES NOT come off, for like days... weeks even! LOL

  5. Wait, you can paint with Kool-Aid? What exactly have I been drinking when I was a kid?? :) Interesting!


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