Thursday, January 28, 2010

When you go to bed at 1AM

Should it be a given that your child is going to wake up at 6?

And, as usual, not want to lay in bed with you and hubby, but move around, barely give you a chance to fall back to sleep, and crank crank crank the whole time?

Yeah ... I thought so. Thanks.

Any tips on how to get a toddler to STAY IN HER ROOM (short of locking her in) when she gets up too early, or at the very least wanting to go back to sleep in our bed for an hour or two (which would be totally cool with us at that point) please send them my way.

And again, thanks.

p.s. And no lectures on why I was up so late, I was actually working. I know, I know, WHAT-EVER. But I was. Did I have to do it til 1AM, no, probably not, but those are my better hours. Did I mention I'm not a morning person? Yeah, I think you got that by now.


  1. I know the feeling of having to stay of late fun!

  2. Put a digital clock in her room. Cover the minutes numbers with tape so she can only see the hour. Then tell her she can't get up until it says "7". Consistently put her back to bed when she gets up earlier telling her to wait for the "7". After a while, she should get it :-)

  3. My cousin used to give her toddlers Camomile teas in a tiny bottle before bedtime to promote a relaxing sleep.

    Don't bite my head off, we come from Spanish heritage where our mom's have a tea for everything...I'm a believer because it works.
    Just my two cents :)

  4. We gated our girls' room at the pediatrician's suggestion. It helped a lot. I usually gave in by about 6:30 and would let them out. They didn't like it at first, but they got used to it and learned the drill quickly.

  5. Um, not tips here seeing as how my daughter STILL sleeps with me. She also peed all over the bed last night. good times.

  6. I slept in today on account of being up late as well.
    Trinity did not. She has literly rearraged the house while I slept; craft stuff everywhere, half assed attempt at making toast, chairs in the hall, etc.

    I like the digital clock idea !!

  7. Sure you could do the "silent" return to bed thing over and over and over....but I put a child lock on the inside of my boy's doors so they can't get out! Totally worth it. They are at the point now that if I took it off they wouldn't even try to open the door, they are so used to waiting for me to come and get them.

  8. That always happens, doesn't it? When you stay up late, they wake up early. Ugh.

  9. I've heard the fear of death works like a charm...I'm just saying...


    good luck. I'm sure we'll be having that battle with Alex soon!

  10. I used to pull him into bed with me and he'd fall back to sleep. Nothing worse than a cranky child all day from lack of sleep.

  11. Ugh, five hours of sleep? Suck. I'm sorry.

  12. When mine were little I would go lay on the couch with them and watch cartoons. Is that bad?


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