Monday, December 14, 2009

"Not Me" Mondays!

Well, it's that time again. I had so much fun doing this one that I had to do it again today. Just couldn't resist myself.

Ah, so let's see. Where should I begin?

It was definitely not me who let my child play on the boxes [that thankfully arrived without images of what is inside of them, thank you Target and Toys R Us!] that arrived with her various holiday/birthday gifts, only to have one of them start "talking" to her the minute I stepped out of the house to check the mail. To return indoors and hear words coming out of thin air, and have my daughter pointing at the huge box while saying, "It's Dora, Mommy. Dora's in there." Nope. 'Twasn't me.

It was also definitely not my house that allowed Dora's friggin holiday special episode to play over and over and over again throughout the week. I mean, honestly, why would I ever allow that story about Swiper on the naughty list to be shown so many times? After all, my daughter is barely approaching three, and she hasn't yet truly celebrated Christmas. Sigh.

Oh, and I would NEVER eat a ton of sugar cut-out cookies that I made for my cookie swap that did not happen. No. I'd never allow all of that cr@p to pass through my lips and straight to my ... well, there isn't much room for my hips to expand to, so not there, but ... well, I'd never eat that much anyway, so there's no need to worry about where it would end up!

I'd also never delete two movies that my husband had recorded to ensure that we could record Bones [as if we'd EVER miss that!] and The Office that evening. I'd never delete his stuff before my millions of shows, like I'd never leave my episodes of Rescue Me on there from the spring, and I'd never let General Hospital take precedence over these movies that he recorded in HIGH DEF!

Oh, and I'd certainly NEVER leave my HD episode of the season finale of Glee on there over the aforementioned two movies, even though I had already seen it once in its' entirety, and then parts of it 2-3x after that. No. I'd never keep it just so I could re-watch that final number where they performed Kelly Clarkson's **My Life Would Suck Without You** and watch that absolute final moment where Mr. Schuester and Ms. Pillsbury (I swear it's her name, no wonder I love her, no?) finally connect just ONE.MORE.TIME.

So, what have you not even given a thought to doing these days? Fill us all in by linking up at MckMama's blog!


  1. That's Dora box story is hilarious :)


  2. I ADORE Glee... If I had DVR (which I don't, which obviously means I still live in the dark ages), I also would watch it over and over and over again... while eating cookies!!!


  3. I really missed out on the whole Glee thing. I need to catch up!

    I can't believe Dora started talking in the box. She probably talked all the way to your house too!

  4. I would NEVER let my kids watch cartoons all day while I played Betty Crocker baking holiday shit for my neighbors and friends. THe girls kinda wanted to help, but that would have made it all take 12x as long and honestly I was ready to just get it done, knock it all out....I suck.

  5. This was the most entertaining post I've read in a while!

    Did you get Dora out of the box yet?


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