Saturday, August 22, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday! On a Saturday?

No worries, everyone! I haven't lost my mind or anything (not yet, anyway!) Just coming by to let you all know about this wonderful package of goodies we received from Diana over at The Nelms Life for our Muffin Tin Swap! As you can tell, my daughter was SO excited to dig into the package and see what it was ...

I took a picture of her with our new goodies,
and then I had to ask her to open her eyes after the first one was a big, cheesy grin with her eyes closed.

Looks like somebody is goosing her, doesn't it? ;)

She took this next picture herself! We received a wonderful stars muffin tin, swirly picks, fairy muffin liners, cocktail forks and a fun mixture of cool sprinkles!

Thank you SO much, Diana! Hope you enjoy your package ... once it finally gets to you guys! And a huge thanks to Michelle for setting this up for us. You can check out her site HERE to find more swappers revealing their new stash!

Uhm, just adding that I have officially lost my mind, because today is SATURDAY NOT Sunday ... just changed my title, but anyone who follows will know how out of it I truly am, so I figured I'd confess!


  1. oh what a fun package! Those forks are so caaaute!

  2. That is a fun package, I love having food in fun shapes & colors. I really like the muffin *tin* being stars.

  3. Glad she liked everything! I hope you guys enjoy using everything!!

  4. Very cool package! I bet she feels like a little princess, what with stars, tiny forks, and cool swirly picks. She's adorable!


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